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The Basic of success; Understanding God's plan for a successful living.

Success to everyone means something different . To many it is acquiring wealth more than everyone else.

In the field of Entrepreneur success is the way in which one is able to establish a firm. 

To a student it is the ability to understand and to perform well in every academic session.

To a teacher success is the level at which the students understands .

To an Employee it is the level of promotion attained at a particular period of time. You see that success always have a different definition in every filed of study.

Everyone needs success and I believe this Bible verse is going to channel our instinct to the right direction. 

Proverbs 16.

3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

  and he will establish your plans.

In order to prosper in anything you need the basic principles, which is presenting it before God first.

You matter how successful we think we are, we are still fighting and figuring out ways to be more successful.

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