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One singular habit that has not allowed you progress to where you ought to be financially.

Whatever the mind can conceive,it can achieve. You are where you are today because of what has gone into your mind,and you can change where you are today by changing what goes into your mind. Getting down to the topic growth demands prayer as number one factor you must have to make it and then secondly your own ideology of money making.

Its this second aspect I want us to look into.your own ideology of money making. You can't keep doing the same thing every day and be expecting different results. What exactly am I trying to point out.Lots of people are into this grievous mistake of assuming that saving your money is same as not using or spending money when its necessary. To save is an entirely different thing from hoarding your money back,even when its glaring to you that you need to spend or bring out some money at a particular point

People who hide under the shelter of saving and refuse to use their money when its highly necessary are doing themselves a great disservice.What else is the need to make money if your money can't serve you when it should .When you deny yourself convenience at every time pretending you are tying to save ,see what it does to your mindset when it comes to money making.

It will make you become dormant,it will make you become relaxed. There's a saying of no rest until success is achieved. If every time you always hold back your money and refuse to use your money to serve yourself even when necessary, very soon ,you will start feeling you have will start thinking you have will start thinking there's no need to work harder after all you haven't spent the one you have.It gives you a false impression that you have when in the real sense you don't have. Because if you have,you will be giving yourself a good life when its necessary. You will be allowing your money to serve you when it should.

You see these people that can be liberal with money.I don't mean people who spend extravagantly.I mean people who spend when theres need to .such kind of humans tend to relax less, they work harder and smarter because they know they need to give their selves a good life.They understand that very soon, something that will demand the use of money will arise and so they will work harder and still save too.But this group that over deny themselves a lot ,they tend to be poorer. Because they don't have anything pushing them to work harder because they will always feel they have something saved up still remaining.and at same time they will be revolving round poverty.

Understand what savings is. Allow the money you have earned to serve you when necessary and hold back when its not necessary. Thats the difference between saving and denying yourself convenience when you can have it.And only when you have started doing this will you start seeing need to work harder to expand your pocket .Hoarding your money to the extreme is a poverty mindset.You know what its like:its like working hard to earn money so as to be comfortable. Now when its time to give yourself comfort ,you refuse blatantly to bring out the money,at your own expense.Now what's the effect of doing so.You will keep living in the illusion that you have and so no need to acquire more .But in the real sense, you have not.

If you want to make it big. Develop an "input mindset". The mindset of I haven't arrived. I need to work harder to earn more money,because very soon needs will arise and I will need to tackle them.Make sure you tackle them as long as they are important, so that you will see reasons to acquire more."

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