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A message to all those who want to engage in any business

In this article, I would be sending a message to all those who are or want to engage in any sort of business.

*Please endeavour to read to the end

If you are going into any business, first of all do the following:

1. Calculate the risks involved: Before going into any business, calculate the risks involved and weigh it with the profit or gain that you would make.

2. Let it be a business that you would get paid from your hard work: Never go into a business that you would not need to work to get paid because of if you are cheated there, you have no one to blame, a typical example is a doubling money business.

3. Don't rush to get into a business: Before going into a business, don't just rush into it first take your time and think well; about the business.

4. Do proper research on the business: Do a proper research on the business from Google and ask your friends or other people that are in the business.

4. Get a mentor/guide: As you go into the business, get a good person that won't take any dine from you and who is also in the business; and have gained a lot of experience from it.

5. Make sure that you are not forced and its a business of your dream.

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#Stay safe

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