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The A, B, C of Investment

Picture used for illustration:A very good day to you Investor!

First thing first, thank God for Lives and bringing us here.

Who is an Investor- anyone who invests money expecting a return right?

However, It's okay to be surprised of the heading 'ABC of Investment'. But do you know at some point in your life you realise one way or the other that you've being an investor all your life, you've invested into something, and you have being reaping the profits and will continue to in your lifetime. I'll let you know mine at the end of this article, maybe you'll realise yours after this article, who knows. Please do let me know.

Whenever we hear of Investment we shouldn't just think of it as monetary but instead it's about your effort, what you risk and what you expect. Just know that for every of the action it takes YOU, you've invested YOU, which you'll of course get a reaction. Be it good or bad, profit or loss, your time should be your investment. This brings me to write about the A, B and C of an investment.

A - ART & AUTHENTICITY of what you are already embedded with or envisioned but you feel someone one way or the other have influenced you to believe they helped your investment.

Example of this is when you were a kid from sitting, to crawling, to walking on two legs. Now have you asked yourself who taught you those? If you think your parents/Guardians. Well ask yourself again what puts you to action, the risk and time you spent before your accomplishments. Your parents/Guardians were your support during this Investment.

B - BUDGET & BARGAINING power. Everyone possesses this power, only we just don't know we do. At some point while growing up you have bargained with something and it can be said that one who fails to budget is not worthy of his/her Investment or the risk he/she took. You have invested YOU in something, yes you tend to have budgeted and bargained with something. I mean, for some reason we've bargained with LIFE itself.

Example, if you could remember at some point in your Life you have a list of things you wish to accomplish before you leave Earth, so you budget. Some or all of this are already fulfilled. Remember all what you have bargained to attain that or what you are still bargaining to get there. Now you wonder why our country always have a Budget, and what She have bargained and will continue to bargain to fulfillment of Her budget. It's all down to your INVESTMENT.

C - CAUTION & CAPITAL. Now with the A and the B of Investment, we get to the importance of C because at this point you already figured out what you want. Hence, one just have to be cautious before taking that risk to involve your capital. Capital might be monetary, in kind, selfishness or selflessness. However, if you took that risk already you are close to complete the circle of Investment, it's after you get a reaction your circle of Investment become completed. Be it good or bad, profit or loss love or hate etc. That reaction is what is being given back to you for investing YOU into such INVESTMENT.

Now an Example of this is that thing or what you are thinking right now you have risked your capital into. What have you reaped or still profiting from it?

Point is always be cautious risking YOU (capital) to any Investment. Remember those things you've already tried or did and what you getting from it now. It's said that you Reap what you Sew.

So as I said earlier, I'll let you know my INVESTMENT it's just as simple as you read it, my TIME *Taking Important Matters Effectively* is my INVESTMENT.

YOU, Your TIME is your INVESTMENT spend it wisely. Before you commit your capital to anything be sure you're able to, with the A, B and C of Investment.

In conclusion, I appreciate your time on this article, I hope you get little importance from this. I'll employ us to always take our time and opportunities out there when it comes to investment, there are tons of investment strategy or entities out there we just have to find our ABC of it before you commit YOU in it.

Your contribution or opinion is highly welcome please like, dislike and follow.

Thank you, until my next article please STAY SAFE.

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