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My mother helped me to start up business from the grave (fiction)

My name is Ikechukwu and I am a business man in trade fair Lagos. I started my business immediately when my mum died. She helped me even in the grave. 

When my mum was alive, I was the child more closer to her out of the 4 children she gave birth to. My elder siblings are way older than I. My dad died when I was still a teenager. I was like a hand bag to my mum. She hardly go out without me. We were very close not until I left my town to Lagos to learn a trade in cosmetics. Once in a while I still go back home. Though no day pass by without I calling my mum. 

Fortunately for me, I was able to successfully complete my training in cosmetic. I was happy that my elder brother who encouraged me to go for the cosmetic training will help me out to stand on my own as he promised me before I went for the training. I travelled to visit my brother to let him know that I was through and for him to keep the promise he made to me. 

One week pass by no information regarding his promise and by then my mum was already sick. To cut the long story short, he disappointed me. He said that his business wad not going well, and things are not generally OK for him. Without wasting much time, with annoyance and pain, I left his place and rush back to my town to go and stay with my mum who was already advanced and sick. When I was with my mum, even though I was depressed for not knowing my next plan, what to do, my thoughts are for my mum to get well. 

After all my effort with my mum, she later died. I don't have my mum again, I don't have any money to start up business! Meanwhile, before my mum died, she often tells me not to worry. She won't be alive and see her precious son die of depression. That she has over the years saved for me. At that period I never took her serious. I often ask my self what will an old woman save for me. It won't be more than N20,000 that I thought for myself. 

Well, as God may have it, even from her grave my mum came to my rescue, when I accessed her account what I saw got me speechless. She did not just leave the huge some of money in the account for me, she also left a landed property for I alone. 

If there was a way to wake her up for her to eat the fruit of her labour, I would do whatever it takes to get her up. 

Today I am a successful business man with 2 shops in Lagos.

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Ikechukwu Lagos


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