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30 small business you can start up with little capital

The emergence of the pandemic took a huge toll on everyone. It affected so many things and we are yet to know if we would fully recover from our loss. So many people lost their jobs, their means of livelihood and so many companies are cutting down on staffs because of the huge decline in business. Looking for a job during a pandemic is hectic and chances of getting a new job soon is low. So what do you do in situations like this? You open a small business. Small businesses need little capital to start up. So instead of spending all your savings while you are still keeping your fingers crossed hoping you get called for an interview and get a new job, you can start a small business on the side and keep your income rolling in while you wait for that job.

Bellow is a list of small businesses you can start.

1. Freelance Graphic Design.

2. Freelance Content Writing

3. Freelance Website Development.

4. Corporate Catering ( office lunch delivery)

5. Digital Marketing/ influencing

6. Home Tutoring

7. Social Media Management

8. Resume Writing

9. Footwear Production

10. Private Chef

11. Event planning (parties, birthdays e.t.c)

12. Small chops vendor

13. Perfume fragrance retailing

14. Tour guide / trip planning

15. Fashion designing

16. Children day-care babysitting

17. Gym instructor

18. Virtual assistant

19. Photography / videography

20. House cleaning

21. Care home for the elderly

22. Home laundry pick up and delivery

23. Interior designing

24. Mobile hair, face/ cosmetic beautician

25. Massage therapist

26. Mobile hair barbing

27. Small business tax accounting

28. Uber / bolt driving

29. Farm and agribusiness consulting

30. Admission essay writing / proof reading

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