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#Your Take: Did You Agree That Money Is The Key To Happiness?

#Your Take: Did You Agree That Money Is The Key To Happiness?

We all know that money is very important for us to live a good and comfortable life.We can can not live without money because it is used to buy necessary things such as food, shelter and clothing.In the ancient times,people usually exchange good and services through a medium known as trade by barter but nowadays,money is used as a medium of exchange for goods and services.Due to this reason, money is absolutely important and necessary in our lives.I personally believe and agree that money is the key to human happiness, if only the money is from a legal source.

People work hard everyday

People hustle and work hard everyday to make money that would enable them to bring food to the table,clothe themselves and also to get comforts that can be bought with money.When we are able to buy the things we need or want, it will definitely bring happiness, contentment and comfort to us.Infact, making money through legal means will enable us to maintain a better standard of living.You will be able to travel for vacations and have access to basic amenities like good hospital,good schools, and a lifestyle that will bring you happiness.

Lack of money may bring sadness

However,when there is lack of money, unhappiness may begin to occur.For example,couples or families who do not have enough money and struggle everyday to make ends meet may experience constant misunderstandings and quarrels in their relationship and life which may lead to sadness,lack of peace and divorce.

Some people might resort to illegal means to make money fast and this is often due their own selfishness.

They commit crimes like robberies, murders and cheat people just for money.This doesn't bring any happiness or the peace of mind because they will start living with fear and guilt which might affect them mentally.Furthermore,they might get constant threat by the police and will definitely be caught one day and punished by the law.This is the reason why I said that money can only be the key to happiness if it is gotten from a legal source.Photo credits: @alamy stock photos and google images.

Did you agree with this? What is your take on this? Kindly comment below to share your thoughts with us.Thank you for reading.

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