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Why are U.S. coins suddenly in short supply?

Why are U.S. coins suddenly in short supply?

Signs are going up in businesses everywhere “Exact change only. There are no coins.”

Why is this happening? A few months ago (back in March 2020), people were hoarding toilet paper, and so there was a toilet paper shortage. Remember that? It is that same mentality, hoarding, that is now causing the U.S. coin shortage.

There is now a U.S. Coin Task Force established by the U.S. Treasury Department to assess the coin shortage situation and find solutions. “And when the economy started tanking with record losses in the spring, it was enough for some people to "start hoarding coins and hoarding money in general," Soques said.”

Why are people using cash in the middle of a pandemic?.

Many places in the UK won’t accept cash at the moment, touch payment with cards is the only way to go at the moment. I even managed to use my visa card through the glass window to pay the vet

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