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Look At This Photo And You Will Understand What Goes On In The Nigerian Labour Market (Too Bad)

The Nigerian labour market is a funny place you don't want to find yourself as an unemployed graduate in Nigeria. Many Nigerian graduates have seen hell with their eyes in searching and looking for jobs in various places that are recruiting. You don't want to imagine what our graduates go through in the hands of these recruiting firms. The Nigerian market is being flooded daily with many job seekers from different schools where they got various degrees. The situation is even worst when governements are the ones recruiting...

An example of such governmental job recruiting is the Npower Batch C application which saw millions of applicants within few days. This is a testament that there are practically few no jobs in this country. The few job vacancies are being taken up by people who have the needed money and connection. The above photo summarises the whole drama that takes place in the Nigerian labour market everyday.

From the picture, the Nigerian labour market was likened to a tree with the job opening as the fruit. Looking down the tree, you will notice the presence of job seekers clamouring and fighting one another in order to be the first to climb to get that fruit of employment hanged up there. Looking sideways, you will also see another job seeker with a bag of money having direct access to the HR office where the job is will be given to him because of his money. Looking up the tree again, you will see those that are already allotted the jobs gently picking up their employment letters.

I felt pain and disappointment seeing that pictorial illustration of what happens in the Nigerian labour market. I wonder what will become of the other job seekers with no money to bring their way or without the needed connection that will give them automatic placement for the job.

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Content created and supplied by: Lifeofawriter (via Opera News )

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