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The 3 Simple Steps To Acquire Great Wealth

My boss in the office, Dr. Mark is a well educated man, he has travelled far and wide, One of the most respected individuals in our organization. Dr. Mark is very industrious and his life style of affluence speaks volumes to how blessed he and his family are. 

I had done all I could to emulate Dr. Mark's lifestyles because watching from afar, summarizes his life as an already fulfilled one. Immediately I assumed office, I quickly identified with Dr. Mark and became his right hand man. He had no secrets where I am, but for the level of wealth he had churned out all his life.

Somewhere in my subconscious mind, I believed Dr. Mark was the richest person in that organization, not until the fateful morning he sent me to his house to get something, that I discovered he lives in a rented apartment and the information from the landlord, had it that he was yet to pay for two years rent and that he, the landlord was ready to take possession of his property.

Thenceforth, I began studying Dr. Mark's attitudes in the office, only to find out, he was living somewhat above his means. He tried everything he could to make people feel he had arrived, while he was still to kick off his campaign towards wealth acquisition. With this, I came to realize that truly "All that glitters is not gold".

Many people who live in expensive houses and drive big cars, do not actually have much wealth, contrarily, a lot of the people who are wealthy, are hardly seen showing off. I also came to understand the differences between wealth and income; income is one's revenue, profits or pay cheque, either monthly or Annually. Wealth is the percentage of one's income that one is able to save from the devouring anger of one's spending powers. This means that one can be a high income earner and still live with poverty, where as some low income earners grow richer and richer as the day passes by.

One of the days, I overheard Dr. Mark telling someone that money is meant to be spent, that whosoever destined to be rich would be rich, irrespective of his/her attitudes towards money and it's acquisition. On hearing this, i heard a voice within me scream; "No wonder wealth still seems so far from you!"

Wealth is seldom gotten by luck or inheritance. Most people who got wealth through these means, usually easily waste them lavishly. Having so many degrees and educational certifications to one's credit is never a passport to amassing great wealth, not even one's high level of intelligence, can guarantee one an easy route to Acquiring wealth.

If you must become Wealthy, you must have to position yourself for the task ahead. You must pay the price to clinch the prize. There are sacrifices you must be ready to undertake. You have to understand that wealth is a naughty goddess, it wastes no time with those who are not ready to keep to it's rules.

In every game in this life, there are usually rules, once one flaunts these rules, he is penalized. Creating wealth too follows this trend, observe it's terms and conditions rightly or else, remain poor for the rest of your life. In creating wealth, there's a need for the lifestyle of;

1. Self discipline

Indisciplined lifestyle has a whole lot of other things embedded in it, such as procrastination, laziness, extravagancy in spending, pride, egocentrism and a whole lot of others, which when weighed, has a huge influence negatively on one's processes of hitting it big in life.

2. Proper planning

Proper planning, they said prevents poor performances. Planning here, is in two ways; it's either one plans to succeed or fails to plan which automatically means planning to fail. It doesn't accord anyone the opportunity to sit on the fence. Not making plans on how one's incomes could be saved or invested could amount to dragging one the drains of perpetual poverty.

3. Hard-work

In my list, I have hard-work last but it is surely not the least. It is appearance in the last position because majority of the poor are very hard-working people, who lack the first two prerequisites up here. There's a big need to choose your job carefully and then, get focused on doing the best you can. Shun a lifestyle of laziness and procastination. And the Holy book admonished "whatsoever thy hands find doing, do it with all your might".

Just consciously follow these simple steps and watch yourself achieving those things you had thought impossible...

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