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Lagos Versus Kano Versus Anambra: Which State Is The Best For Doing Business?

Doing business in Nigeria is a great idea as the Nigerian economy market is favourable for doing business.

However, when it comes to State to choose if you want to go into business, many people find it difficult especially to choose among Lagos, Kano and Anambra States.

In this article, I want us to say our minds on which of the three States is the best for doing business. Below are short notes on those States;

Lagos State; is a Nigerian State located in the South Western part of the country on the coast of Atlantic Ocean.

It is the smallest State in Nigeria in landmass mass and the largest in population making it has the greatest population density.

It is the capital city of modern Nigeria until 1991 when the capital was moved to Abuja, in the central part of the country.

Kano State; on the other hand, is a State located in the North Western part part of Nigeria. It is the economic hub of northern Nigeria.

It has the greatest number of local governments area in the country and the second largest population.

Kano State business market deals majorly in foods and other house needs commodities.

Anambra State; is a State in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. It is home to the popular Onitsha International Market.

It is the economic hub of Eastern Nigeria and one of the largest market in the country.

Apart from the Onitsha market, we also have Nnewi which is also a business City.

So among this three States, which is the best for doing business? Can you pick another State outside this three to do business? If yes then which State?

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