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All Schools Should Resume Before Ending Of July (Opinion)

Covid-19 keeps increasing on daily basis in the country, without having any hope, of a particular day it will be over in the country.

When number of discovered cases of Covid-19 cases was around 40 cases in the country, President Buhari orders for all activities to be shut down, yet the cases keeps increasing, presently we have over 30000 cases of detected cases in the country, and activities has started returning back to normal, all market has be reopened, churches reopened, has it not lost its relevance, when the cases was few people feared it, and had to stay at home, now it's over 30000 and everyone has returned back to their various activities, has it not lost its relevance?

If you go outside now, especially to the market, some doesn't even care to use face mask anymore, they have no regard for it any longer.

If markets and churches can be reopened, without having any effect, I believe there is nothing stopping schools to be reopened, it's glaring that the virus will easily spread in the markets than schools, and yet markets has been reopened, and nothing disastrous has come out from it.

In my opinion, I will suggest that all schools should be reopened before ending of July.

Kindly share your opinion below, do you suggest that schools should be reopened as well before ending of July as well. 

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