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Two ways to make money every month with zero capital

we all know that Food products are very essential to every human being that want to grow or live a healthy life, and there are very limited people distributing food in every community.

But we have companies looking for distributor for their products.

How can you start making more money for yourself and families without any capital.

1. Freelance or franchise: this is one way to make a lot of money every day without any capital, what you need to do is to resell a particular goods on behalf of the company, you collect the goods at a particular reasonable price from the company and you will add you own money to the company price to sell, then you get your own gain, isn't that simple. You can start to franchise for rice company, the company price are

50kg is - 22500

25kg is - 12000

5kg is - 3000

1kg is - 750

375g is - 250

2. Real estate: this is another business that can put a lot of money in your bank account. All you need is just to get the landlord permission then you get the the tenant for the landlord, the commission is for you.

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