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3 Apps To Help You Invest In US Dollar Stocks Right Here In Nigeria

This week, we have seen major companies released there quarterly report, and most have been good - surpass analyst predictions. 

These  companies, especially the big techs - Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla Apple, Amazon, all reported better than expected - revenue and profit. 

I wrote about Apples' here; how their new model iPhone helped moved their revenue upward by 8%. Apples stock sees a rise after the report. 

Facebook also did the same, with its advertising in bringing the most - its revenue grew by 25% and a profit that beats investors estimate too - even though it's by 1%. Even though there are speculations of investors trying to avoid its stock - amidst its Libra and data issues, the company didn't disappoint in profit too. 

Amazon's 4th quarter report didn't disappoint but also beats investors' expectations causing the company's stock price to be 10% higher as at Thursday. 

Amazon's total revenue grew at 21% last quarter compared to a year ago, beating investors expectations. Its cloud computing arm also grew an unexpectedly large 34% – helping Amazon surpassed profit predictions too.

Tesla isn't left out of a favoured quarter of money making - revenue and profit. This has also been a reason its stock price is expected to increase by 55% in 2020. 

If you love in Nigeria, and owner how you can get a share of it...take a seat.

Tech stocks like Amazon have long been a favorite among many investors, but at around $2,000 at a go, buying an entire share is considered a big commitment – and could turn a balanced/less risky investment portfolio into a risky one. 

You don't want that. 

Some wealth management apps - fintechs startups, can help you make your investment easy. 

Happily, some finance investment companies now offer investors (profiled and newbie) fractions of shares instead, allowing you to buy into your favourite companies - Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook etc, with much less cash than you’d normally need.

How sweet the sound…with the rise of inflation affecting the Naira at this time.

Investment made easy…here are my top 3 on the list

Rise. My number on the list is Rise Capital. They can help you with investing in dollar stocks in the US. With as little as $10 you can start investing while you grow. They don't just help you invest but also have insightful sessions to teach about investment.

Bamboo. They give you unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and U.S. stock exchanges, right from your mobile phone or computer.

Chaka. Just like Bamboo, they claim to be your investment passport to own US, Nigerian, Chinese and global companies like Apple, Google, Dangote, Alibaba and more from any device.

You should check them out, and also speak with an investment and finance professional on your next move - investment. 

Disclaimer: This post is for knowledge only and does not in any way act as a professional advice. Speak to a professional before making a commitment. 

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