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Business Ventures With Capital of Less Than 100K Naira (OPINION)

Do you have some money lying around and instead of paying bank charges on it, you want to invest? This business list is for you.

DISCLAIMER: Although, this list is accurate as of time of posting, please do your due diligence before risking money. Also, Forex markets and Stock markets are beyond the scope of this post. That said, let's delve into it.


With a capital of less than 100K, you can start up a free range snail farm, poultry or even catfish venture. Livestock is very profitable as food is a very basic necessity for human survival so you'd always have a large market of consumers. Also hardy animals like snails which can survive on waste and can reproduce in large quantities can be very profitable if managed properly...

Snacks and Confectionery

Location plays a huge factor in this venture. If you can get something as vantage as a roadside spot, you're on your way to getting started. Also, supplying to schools and offices are a very good way to start and make profit. Truth be told, I know a Bean Cake (Akara) seller that sent all her children to the university from the proceeds of her business. The best thing is that it's low risk and may not take up to 75K if you start properly...

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