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7 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With N10,000 In Nigeria

In this article, I will give you a list of lucrative companies with fewer than N50,000 that you can start to make reasonable sums from in Nigeria if done properly. Based on my recent research, these firms are the profitable undertaking to which the above-mentioned capital can be employed and expect good revenue. Nigeria is a strong, economic country, which our government did not manage well, but still, people every day from their businesses become millionaires. Many millionaires in Nigeria began today as beginners with a small amount of money and have become the big names in business in all of Africa. Rice in Nigeria is a staple food, and most Nigerians can't consume rice daily. It's a popular meal that was eaten on certain days and ceremonies. It is almost an abomination to exist as a Nigerian and has no rice at home. How people cook their rice has proven itself to be very significant in their wellbeing (cooked rice refers to rice cooked by steaming or boiling; steamed rice and cooked rice. Asian or African rice or wild grains of rice, large, medium, or short grains of any color, can also be used in the most widely used variant).

Rice is a daily must-eat food, particularly when you have kids around, in an average Nigerian home. Cooking is too easy that so many of us take for granted that we pour it into the pot and cook it in a snack in an unceremonious manner! But the way we cook rice will lead to sickness and death, researchers add. New observations indicate rice fans can be vulnerable to arsenic poisoning simply by boiling the element in a pot until the water is drained. As rice rises, it is polluted by toxic chemicals and pesticides. Arsenic has respiratory, asthma, and cancer limits.You can start something new, and tomorrow you can turn out to be a great businessman or a great woman, remember a trip that starts from a thousand miles.

I'm more comfortable and profitable in my business, I don't know why I just like a business and being self-employed. Some people in Nigeria are so afraid of their businesses, but I know that my people who want to make something for themselves are more than those who want to work until their age. So if you're someone like me who likes to get his own business, you'll only read this article carefully as I present a few businesses with a size of N1,000, N20,000, #30,000, N40,000 in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are quick to start their own business with the present situation. Many people asked if you could start a business with such money in Nigeria? You should answer YES. But what can you do is my concern.

Yes, it has a lot to do with what you can do and how you decide how you can, some people will finish reading the post and will still not find a business they can begin.

Profitable Businesses You Can Start With 10k 20k 30k 40k In Nigeria

1. Selling of bottled drink or bottled water: Bottle drinks and water sales are a very lucrative company as it's a daily consumer product and you can consider it if you're in a very populous state or towns like Lagos. This company can only be funded by N110,000 or less.

Requirements: get space in a busy area, such as a bus station, buy a big fridge, a parachute, an ice cream belt, a little sign for purchase minerals here, and cold water. The N10,000 is expected to cover both the drink and the water you get, and you can also make return card purchases.

2. Popcorn Production Business

People buy snacks occasionally, and popcorn is among the most popular snacks because people eat at home, on the road, in the shops, in the car, and the cinemas. To start a popcorn business, a store was not necessary, mostly an exposed environment. In the first place. Popcorn is non-gender discrimination and the business is completely stress-free because you are having the right equipment for popcorn, so you can still make decent sums of money every day if you are working.

Requirements : Buy a machine of Popcorn, corn, butter, groundnut oil, sugar, salt, the flavor of nylon, and powdered milk. You don't need to rent a shop, because you don't want to disturb them or you can get a parachute, clean up any free space in the area and start your business, you can partner with someone in your shop. In certain situations, you would have to pay the local government council a nominal sum for beginning your company. It'll be no more than two thousand.

A small popcorn machine costs 8,000, it costs about three thousand people, and a bag of maize costs over five thousand.

 How To Make A Popcorn

Attach the oil, salt, and sugar and popping maize for 3 table teaspoons of oil, 1⁄2 tea cubes of water, 1⁄2 bowl of popping maize, 3 table pots of butter melt in a big bottomless saucepan. Turn the heat to normal, cover the container partially with a left deck, and shake once or twice. In just a minute or two the maize kernels start popping. When the popping slows to a near stop, take the pot out of the heat. Transfer popcorn and drizzle into a large portion bowl with melted butter. Throw well. If desired, apply extra butter or salt and apply condensed milk.

Before you go to business you can do this as practical at home, so you can master it very well.

3. Sales of DVD/CD Business

DVD sales are a very profitable business in Nigeria, daily people purchase music and films. I 'm sure you like American films, how about the films of India, China, and the Philippines if you do not like Nigeria films? This is an affair that splits money, but there was no money in there, many people thought. Know how many of those films you purchase are sold to retailers for N150? If the wholesale price in Alaba is no longer known, it is N25 per human. Now the men are selling the films for 150 people, making 125 for each of the CDs they are distributing. Suppose he could sell to 40, which is a N125 million to 40,000 to 5,000 people a day, and for that, his capital is 1,000.In other words, the guy from whom you buy CD makes 5,000 cd a day and 150,000 cd a month. Some people are wondering how he can sell 40 films every day? Let me remind you now how. You remember those films also season 11 of season 1 2 of season 3? When a person can buy from 1 to 5, that means one person is going to pay to €1.250 to buy from season 1 to season 5 and one needs the watch with half the show. That same person could see and decide to include another interesting film. Now when the seller is very busy, he's more than 20 clients every day and sells over 50 CDs every single day.

Holding a store or simply an open permanent space on a very busy road, though you can also hulk it, is very important for your business, especially if you are friendly to them, for new and interesting films. This is an incredibly profitable company that needs no big start-up money, you can launch it with less than 10,000.

4. Downloading Of Music / Games To Phones & Flashing Of Phones Business

Do you own a laptop? If so, it's the right time to make good use of that. People want to have the latest audio or video music on their phones outdoor downloading, phones get infected with viruses every day, there's no way that a virus-infected phone owner wouldn't want to flash the phone to work well again, that's where you come in, you can do phone flashing, download music, and games, and download the app at the same time, and this business doesn't work together.

You should get your table, chair, and laptop right in front of your room, get two speakers and attach them to your desktop, get a clear board and write "Play Audio, Plays, Bible, Quran & Flash Your Phone Here." Just watch how people wake you up with their telephones in the morning. The business moves no matter what location you are because everywhere the phone is being used.

You can charge # 2,500 for just phone flashing and # 500 for games, music, bible and Quran downloads if you don't have a competitor in your location.This company does not allow you to purchase or resell something, you only give the money to yourself without doing something at all. If you don't have a laptop, you can get one as cheap as 20k from our warehouse, our warehouse is situated in the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena W3-09, Bolade Bus Stop, Oshodi, Lagos State.

5. Selling Of Mobile Phones.

People buy a phone daily and will buy tomorrow and continue to buy, with # 50,000 you can start the telephone business at Lagos. There are Uk untested android and blackberry phones that you can purchase at a cost of # 500 each at Ladipo store, Mushin, Lagos State. When you get home buy yourself the battery because they don't come with decent batteries and check them all, you'll be shocked that they're all going to work. I purchased Samsung galaxy s5 at # 500 and still enjoy it until now, many people start selling it to them for 30k but I like the phone and don't want to sell it to them. I also purchased techno pad g9 which I use to update for some time.

If you're in Lagos, you can launch this business right from your front door, or at any busy road or even busy railway. Just get a table and cardboard to arrange them on just like those Ikeja guys do, and you can start your business, sell them for any amount you want, but I advise you to sell them at a cheap price too, so you can quickly sell them. Those guys in computer village along the road also sell their as untested at a rate of 1,500 Naira, just for them to sell more quickly. You can also make yours cheap so that you can sell your location faster in no matter, but some might even be worth more than 20k worth a very good amount of money, so it's better to sell according to their value.

 6. Phone Accessories Business

Phone accessories are phone stuffs like phone chargers, air pies, USB drive, memory card etc.

People are mostly chargers having problems with their phone accessories every day. When you're in a busy spot, the business is lucrative. It's not expensive to start this company, you can start the business with 20,000 naira. If you have to purchase a converter or ear pies, that means that people are still purchasing it due to inappropriate converter making this day, people are running into one or the other trouble with their chargers, so they have to get fresh so they can't throw away their computer. If you're ready for this business, you can partner with anybody selling phones in the shop, or even if you're in Lagos and close to the computer village, you can take them to any free space and arrange your phone accessories, millions of people go every day to the computer village.

7. FastFood Business

I know you are eating and you know I 'm eating too. But do you know that we don't feel like cooking all the time, or even have the time to? And if you're cooking your tea, how about heading out? Are you going to go to the office with your dinner stuff? Therefore restaurants and fast food outlets are never going to shut down. You can set up a 20k to 50k mini restaurant, and start making money out of it. You can also give the tension and energy that goes out to look for food to businesses at the break-time by giving it to them at the workplace, they can love you so much as you make your money.

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