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Look At People's Comments On The Demised Gokada CEO's YouTube Channel

Fahim Saleh aged 33, founder and CEO of Gokada, died of multiple stab wounds on Thursday, 16/02/2020. He was found dead in his Manhattan's Lower East Side apartment earlier this week with his body dismembered. An autopsy by the city's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled that Saleh died as a result of stab wounds to the neck and torso and found his manner of death to be homicide.

Fahim Saleh's Online plea to the Authorities in Lagos Nigeria:

In his YouTube post on the 02/02/2020, He won the hearts of his viewers over the Okada ban that affected his business as an entrepreneur in Lagos, Nigeria and pleaded with the authorities to consider his plea. Below is a written transcript of all he said in the video:

"I know I have been a little bit quiet about recent events with the motorcycle transport ban in Lagos but I will try and process it and figure out how exactly I want to speak on the topic.

It is tough for an entrepreneur who is trying to innovate and invest his own money knowing fully well this isn't my country. It is a country I feel has amazing potentials and amazing people and they have seen the opportunity to shine. The drivers at Gokada weren't here because they just wanted to make money, but because they had families, children and dreams; they wanted to start businesses and go to school. They had degrees already but they couldn't find jobs.

For many, Gokada wasn't the final place for their lives, it was a stepping stone to get to the next endeavor and we were hoping that a lot of this drivers will not be drivers forever, we were hoping to place them in higher jobs within Gokada and create a beautiful community which was developing slowly. This was really something that moved me to the point where I was okay putting all my money and all my effort in. what I will tell you is that Gokada is not just a business to me, but a mission and every part of that mission was always centered on safety and job provision. We do things that nobody else did in the market at the time.

If you ride a helmet that is DOT Certified, Department Of Transportation certified, US Department Of Transportation certified and then you get into a motorcycle accident with that helmet, you are protected. We put blue-tooth on our helmets so drivers don't use their phones while on their motorcycles to enable them get directions through their blue-tooth headsets. We provide drivers with this high end bikes of 200cc and we maintain the bikes.

A bike not well maintained could be more likely to get into an accident. We trained our drivers extensively and we monitor drivers through technology to understand which ones are the bad ones and eliminate them immediately. All this resulted in an accident rate that was well below 0.1%, actually since we launched in September 2019, we have had about 250 accidents which were mostly minor out of the 350,000 bikes that we have given.

I will tell you that our drivers are safe and show you the records. Everyday our priority is not how much money we are earning but how to make our service safer. As an entrepreneur i'm never going to give up because that is the true attribute of an entrepreneur but this is definitely a blow because we are the ones that really change countries, cities; we bring the vision, passion and people together to make amazing things happened. So Lagos, if you want amazing things to happen, support your entrepreneur. Support is great in businesses that are seeking to change Lagos. If not for Gokada, for the next Gokada and for the one after that. Thank you."

These were the melting words of the late CEO of Gokada, it is so unfortunate that he didn't live long enough to fulfill his dream as an entrepreneur.

Below are comments of people on his YouTube page after his demise:

It is so obvious to note that even those who were yet to know him still believe he has always being a good man.

More comments were posted in his channel as farewell to the zealous entrepreneur:

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