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This Is The Common Way Fraudsters Drain People's Bank Accounts. Beware

Many have suffered loss due to the lack of knowledge of the tricks of fraudsters. Many have their bank accounts emptied within minutes. I nearly fall into their trap sometime ago. You need to be very careful.

The use of One Time Password (OTP) is the common way fraudsters hack people's bank accounts and empty it. I decided to share with you about it so that you won't fall a victim of it.

Over five times fraudsters attempted stealing my money through OTP method. In the first instance, I nearly fall a victim because I didn't know what OTP is. That time, I received a call from someone who claimed to be a staff at the customer care service of my bank. He called my name and my surname. He told me that there was a little mistake on the birthday my account carry. Two bithdays appeared on my account according to him. He called the two and ask me which one was correct. I told him. He then said that I should send the last four digits of my bank card so that he can correct the mistake. Immediately I became sceptical about it and I ended the call. That's how I escaped that one.

In another instance, it was a lady. She told me that I won't be able to withdraw because my bank card (ATM card) has been blocked but that she will send something to my phone and I should send the six digit code immediately so that she could correct it. Immediately I knew what was happening so I ended the call and send a message to the number telling her to repent of her ways. This is how the drama went.

Recently, another one still called me telling me that they are directed to give N50, 000 to each of their customers due this lock down but that I need to send a six digit code they sent to me so that they can send my own. I knew their trick so I only send a message advising the person to stop stealing people's money.

I just brought this three scenario its more than three actually. I want to let you know that they are trying to take advantage of the palliative matter to steal from many people. Beware don't disclose any of your bank details to anyone. Don't send any code you receive on your phone to anyone either.

Once you send them the code, they will quickly change your password and transfer the money from your account to their own.

When they call you, they sound like people that really want to help you. They call your name direct as if they know you before. All is to make you have confidence on them. Banks doesn't attend to thier customers on phone using private number.

The use of OPT to empty people's account is real please don't disclose you bank details to anyone. Stay safe and security conscious.

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