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Want to be Like Dangote, The Richest Man in Africa? Here are 10 of His Success Quotes To Apply

Before I proceed, I should let you know that I once viewed being born rich as a handicap to those who were. Crazy right? Well, I had my reasons. One of them was that except for a remarkable few, most rich kids grew up lacking the propensity to make their own fortune, choosing rather, to rely on their family wealth. Dangote is one of those 'Remarkable few,' therefore his journey to fortune may not be a rags to riches story but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular. Let me tell you a bit about him.

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian business man and philanthropist who is the founder and chairman of The Dangote Group. He remains an inspiration to Nigerian youths and upcoming entrepreneurs. He is an honest and remarkable man who discovered his passion for business early and didn’t deviate from it, setting an example for the youths today. He encourages youths to cultivate patience and learn to appreciate their small beginnings, even as they dream of making something big out of their business enterprises.

Some years back, he was awarded Nigeria's second highest national honor, the Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger(GCON), by the former President Goodluck Jonathan, in recognition of his services to the nation. Dangote has also contributed to the African continent as a whole, gaining global recognition as Africa’s Most Powerful Man.

Now, we all know that building and establishing a successful conglomerate in Nigeria doesn’t happen overnight. It therefore requires a great deal of dedication, tenacity and lots of business sense. Figuring out how to invest wisely and maximize profits successfully is a near herculean task, especially when there are lots of competition. Fortunately, following Dangote’s journey to fortune, closely and digesting his wise sayings, which are a sum total of his personal experiences, helps us to see the possibilities of creating a successful industrial empire.

From Dangote, we learn that in order to succeed in business, we must build a brand and never destroy it. We also learn to avoid entering a business which we lack a full knowledge of, as an entrepreneur. You're probably wondering how he managed to become the Richest Man in Africa and also maintain the title even till now. It's simple, he's a disciplined and principled man who uses his time wisely.

You can agree with me that there's a lot to be admired about Dangote. However, the quickest way to discover how to succeed like Dangote is to identify, meditate on and apply his Success Quotes. Therefore, In this article, you'll learn about ten of his success quotes. Study them carefully and apply them.

Ten Quotable Success Quotes By Aliko Dangote

1. "Every morning when I wake up, I make up my mind to solve as many problems as I can before retiring home.” -Aliko Dangote

2. "Endeavor to work as hard as possible to attain a new aim with each day that comes by. Don’t go to bed until you have achieved something productive.” - Aliko Dangote

3. "In the journey to success, tenacity of purpose is supreme.” -Aliko Dangote

4. "Motivation, backed by good planning and correct action leads to success.” - Aliko Dangote

5. "I believe in hard work and one of my business success secrets is hard work.”- Aliko Dangote

6. "To succeed in business, you must build a brand and never destroy it.” -Aliko Dangote

7. "My grandfather once told me; the soul of business is not making money but making people happy.” - Aliko Dangote

8. "When you have made it in life, you must give back to those who made you.”- Aliko Dangote

9. “Passion is what drives me forward. Passion is what makes me go to bed around 2am and wake up at 6am.” - Aliko Dangote

10. “You could easily tell that hard work and perseverance go hand in hand with patience. We often hear people say patience is worth it, yet we don’t practice it. I did and look how well it worked out for me.” - Aliko Dangote

In line with his quotes, through his philanthropic acts, Dangote has illustrated the importance of giving back to the society. Recently, through his foundation, the ALIKO DANGOTE FOUNDATION, he engaged the 54gene Laboratory to conduct a total of 1,000 COVID-19 tests daily in Kano. He has also empowered deserving individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations. In addition, he renders financial assistance to the government whenever necessary.

In conclusion, I believe that as these success quotes are applied, success would be attainable. Dangote once stated saying, “ After my death, I want to be remembered as Africa’s greatest industrialist.” We both know that he would be remembered for exactly that, among other things. Please like, share and comment your thoughts. Thanks for Reading!



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