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Revealed: Everyone Is A Millionaire Judging From This Calculation

An average Nigerian family man or woman will argue that they aren't millionaires, but if you calculate what I'm about to reveal to you in this article, you'd have a change of mindset and you'd have new reasons to give thanks to God.

So, let's quickly do this rough estimation. Kindly follow along (if you have a calculator, you can equally draw it closer to you right now).

If you have 4 kids, and you still find your way around survival under Nigeria's present economy, let's gather here.

Now, with 4 children, yourself and your wife, that's equals to: 4 children + 2 parents = 6 people in the house.

Let's do the calculation. Let's imagine that you and your family members get to eat three meals per day; that is, you get to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

That gives us:

6 plates of food for breakfast,

6 plates of food for lunch,

And 6 plates of food for dinner.

This equals: 18 plates of food per day.

Now, let's multiply this by at least N300 per plate: = N5,400 (five thousand, four hundred naira per day).

N5,400 per day for 30 days = N162,000 (one hundred and sixty two thousand naira) per month. Wow!

If we multiply N162,000 by 12 months, that will give us N1,944,000 (one million, nine hundred and fourty four thousand naira) per year. Interesting!

And you say, you are not a millionaire?

Note: Snacks and in-between meals are not included, school fees, medical bills, transport fare/fuelling, clothings, house rents, shop rents, electricity bills, other utility bills have also not been added. What of recharge cards and other miscellaneous?

Now, how do you think you were or are able to meet these mammoth needs with your monthly stipends? Isn't it simply miraculous?

This post was written to remind each and every one of us to always count our blessings and name them one by one.

Kindly share your thoughts about this by commenting in the comments section below.

Content created and supplied by: 9ja_Skillz (via Opera News )

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