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Fastest and most convenient way to secure your account if your ATM card is stolen.


ATM cards allows us to complete basic transactions without the aid of a branch representative or teller. Anyone with a credit card or debit card can easily gain access to cash at most ATMs.

ATM card make banking and businesses more convenient, makes banking beneficial especially for travellers, at the same time reducing the workload for bank staffs.

But there is nothing without a disadvantage, one disadvantage of an ATM card is the case of theft or misplacing them.

It is normal for the owner to block the cards but when such scenario arises in remote areas without banks or at non working days especially at weekends, there is no need for panic as the owner can easily make amends.

In a situation where your phone or ATM card is stolen or taken by force, do not struggle with the person to avoid being injured or killed. The default code to block your bank account if your ATM card is stolen is: bankcode*911#.

Example zenith banking code is *966#.

For zenith Users just dial *966*911# instantly from any available phone. It will prompt option to enter your bank account number, which will automatically block any debit transaction in your bank account.

 NOTE : you are expected to enter the bank account number linked to the stolen ATM card. This can be done with any available phone. This code can also be used whenever there is any suspicious activity going on in your bank account not just for stolen ATMs.

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