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Never Throw Away Pure Water Sachets, See How You Can Make Millions Of Naira From Them Here

Never Throw Away Pure Water Sachets, See How You Can Make Millions Of Naira From Them Here

In Nigeria we are spending huge amounts of more on pure water every day. Indeed, pure water factory today, is one of the most useful organizations in Nigeria, due to its high support.

In any case, the question is, what do you we can do with the sachet of pure water after drinking it? You throw it away, right?

This is in fact what some people do. However, do you realize that you can make a lot of money from these sachets of pure water that you throw out regularly?

I know you may be considering how this is possible. Either way, just relax and read on.

This industry worth it, but it is surprising that very few people think about it. The explanation behind this is that because the few people who are doing it are so secretive about it, they don't want to give a lot of data about it out.

They don't need a lot of people to get into the business and give them a lot of rivalry.

Usually you see people in ghettos collecting pure water sachets and you might be wondering what they do with it. Let me shock you, these collector of pure water sachets are quiet rich, who make no noise about the real money they earn in the business.

So after this article, you will definitely stop throwing away the pure water sachets, because it is money that you usually throw away.

You can do this business as full time if you have no activity at the moment, and you can also do it as a part time, in case you have another job you are doing. In any case, you will currently be withdrawing your money from it. In addition, you can increase your profit to like millions of Naira with wasting pure water sachets.

These pure water sachets are reused in a few different items such as bags, shoes, plastics, shoes, etc.

So, if you don't have the money to buy the machines to start reuse yourself, you can also collect the sachets and give them to the organizations that reuse them. In addition, they are always in demand.


Here you have to realize that there are principles, on this each company has its own measures.

You don't just collect the bags of pure water and send them to buyers. There are recognized ways in which they collect these pure water nylons.

It's basic. After collecting the pure water sachets, you need to wash and dry them in the sun. From that point on, you pack them into bags and take them to buyers.

In the event that you don't do this, they won't collect them from you and you have no choice but to come back with good package.


Since I taught you how rewarding this business is, I know many of you should venture into it.

Another thing you need to understand is that you don't need to rely solely on the sachets of pure water that you drink as it can hurt your income. You must have a hotspot for these sachets of pure water in different places.

So where are those places where you can get the pure water sachets? There are so many places you can get them, and part of those places are - places of worship, schools, cafes, lodgings, different occasions, party places, factories of manufacture of pure water, etc.

You can make plans with some event centers, so that whenever people finish using those areas, you can collect the bags of pure water that they will throw away.

You can also use a collector to collect these bags of pure water for you, and you pay them a token for their work. You can hook up with kids in your general neighborhood to do this, and trust me, they'll even consider it fun, especially when they are given a token as a result.


Company that use the purchase the pure water sachets receive them in kilograms and tonnes. They place it on a scale and weigh it, and pay you the fixed price for it..

1 kg of pure water sachets is sold under N35 to N200. In addition, a huge amount is sold for between 20,000 and 30,000 naira. So, if you meet at 100 tonnes, you will be discussing a lot of naira here right now.

In the upcoming article, I will list some of the companies here in Nigeria, and also their addresses, to which you can offer these pure water sachets. They don't waste time in buying them.

I accept that you have benefited from this article. In case you did, if you don't mind, share this article so that others can also benefit from it.

And furthermore, drop your comment below and let me know if you will like to start doing this business or not. I will respond to each of your comments.

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