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Stop Saying or Shouting 'Up Nepa' Say these words instead

Children often scream “Up NEPA!” when electricity supply is restored in their neighbourhood. This is quite prevalent in Lagos and other places in Nigeria.

These are the way many Nigerians, graduates and non- graduates ask if electricity has been restored or interrupted. Some graduates still shout "Up Nepa" when electricity is restored. How dare you say that?

Well, this is 2020 so all these rubbish slangs must come to an end. Here is the right words to use :

Don't say

Have Nepa brought light?


Has the power been restored?

Is the power back up?

Don't say

Up Nepa!


Power is back up!


Power is back on!

Don't Say

Nepa don seize light


Power has been interrupted

The power is out

The electricity is out

Don't Say

Nepa just seize our light


We just experienced a power outage.

I hope you've learnt something today with this post of mine? Don't learn alone, share with that your friend who always shout "Up Nepa".

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