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Some common facts relating to online business Networking.

Apparently, If you're amongst the type of person(s) that surfs the net with either the inkling of embarking on or searching for an imminent referral business spree, then I do suggest you sip a Red Vodka. Why say so? Some individual, especially; The regular students, seem elated and also settled whenever a referral business opportunity pops up. They barely even care about the span, originality, risk and the networking involved. They only seem to care about the meager input and output coupled with their endless addendum --- "bring in more 2-people and you will get paid."

Oh, yes Of course! Probably I "might" get paid. Who knows, Maybe as the latest accredited referee, you now suddenly become the companies financial manager who determines my future payment and allowances. Even at that, its now a clear and proven algorithm that most people venture into a particular business spree without knowing the epistemic fulcrum behind such businesses. 

I still admit that majority of individual needs to be enlightened on the basics of "business trafficking" and "digital marketing" at a glance, before venturing or making any sheepish investment. I'm not personally trying to discourage "referral conceptualization"--- No I don't!....I still believe its part of a business promotion strategy, rather, am discouraging and criticising tons of gullible individual who views referrals as a scalar business or job opportunity, to further shy away from such punitive strategy. Hence, If you really intend to upstage yourself to the world gallery, then do not comfortably settle for the less. In as much as Everyone isn't destined to become a "Boss', do ensure that you're quite unique with your personal overhaul assessments before making any investment. I equally encourage and admonish people to acquire and add up few entrepreneurial skills to their respective profile, its worthwhile than just being an up liner. {La Finish}.

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Red Vodka


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