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5 Wrong Financial and Business Advises You Should Ignore in 2020.

As an adult, it is common for different people, young, old, experienced and non-experienced to offer different kinds of help or advice you to an individual. This advice, according to these people are good and should help shape the direction of your career in the right way. However, often time, most of these advises cause damage than good to an individual. Therefore, I shall briefly talk about 10 career and financial Advises you should probably ignore totally in life.

1. Don't invest in Stock markets. A young man is often faced with the career decision of whether to invest in Stock markets or not, however, many people have been discouraged from investing their fortune in Stock markets due to the myth or advice they has heard from supposedly elder or expert in such area. It is believed that investing in Stock markets is not only a good decision but profitable if done in a right way. Therefore, you can as well invest your funds and resources in stick markets if you have the opportunity and will to do so.

2. Self Business is the best. This kind of advice is another deadly advice that people should ignore. Running your own business or being a full entrepreneur is not easy. Moreso, it is a known fact that entrepreneurship is not for everybody. It is not the case that every Harry, Dick and Tommy can venture into self business and be successful. Sometimes, working in corporate organization is profitable than self business. In addition, someone still need to gain some corporate experience to be a successful business manager.

3. Business is best done one-on-one. Technology and digital age has proven that business does not need to be done face to face to be successful. The whole of 2020 experience, managing pandemic in the entire world has proven that people can still ply their daily lives and business remotely.

4. Investing in real estate outperforms other business. It is obvious that real estate is profitable in the long run but that does not mean real estate business outperforms other business. At least, most of the types of real estate business do not necessarily yield the required or expected results. Therefore, you should be careful when listening to this advice in your career.

5. Focus your life in saving. That is, you should concentrate on earning and saving but not spending. This is quite a bad advice for young budding. It is quite wise to not be a reckless spender and be responsible and reasonable in your spending, but that does not mean you should not spend at all. People just need to prioritize their choice and spending. Cut off in spending on unnecessary luxury.

Therefore, ignoring these Advices will save an individual time, unnecessary worry and hassle, and possibly help make more money in life. There is no particular way or strategy to success, a simple step or strategy can work and beat the complex on.

What do you think about the above points, what career advice do you think should be added to the listed advice here? Share your thoughts below.

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