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Why God is not what you need to be successful in life (opinion)

The most tragic thing I have seen happening to people is to be lazy and do nothing while waiting for a miracle from God.

They have programmed their mind in such a way that no amount of advice would make them change their believe. Today a friend visited me and we sat talking about how the pandemic had affected work everywhere and likewise his too. We talked for over an hour and I was surprise I could not still convince him to start looking for a work.

He is a practicing Christian and I was surprise when he said "GOD WILL SEE US THROUGH". I was bitter that I did not know when I replied God would if you do as well.

Yes God is the ultimate provider but that does not mean we should sit down and fold our hands waiting for manners to fall from the sky. We must realise that what we need most to succeed is hard work and relentless prayer. God is not just what we need. We need to practice his rules and regulations.

You can not sit in your bedroom and say you are waiting for God to show you the way to your dream job or success. You must hustle, you must look for the work you seek and then ask God for his guidance over your choice.

Success is by your hard work and prayer, not just folding your hands looking and waiting for God.

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