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Have You Been Scammed: Here is How to Retrieve Your money After Been Scammed.

Daily, an average of ten (10) Nigerians fall victims to fraudsters. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the monetary transactions are made to the fraudster’s bank account, Three percent (3%) to someone close to them and Two percent (2%) One-on-One / face-to-face 

The bad new is “there will always be scammers) and the goodnews is, YOU CAN RETRIEVE YOUR MONEY BACK AS SOON AS YOU REALISE YOU'VE BEEN SCAMMED.  

Scamming is becoming a pandemic especially on social media and online shopping. Hence, It is pertinent to share this goodnews with you because, its painful losing your hard earned money (whether large bulk or small money) to this people. Retrieving your money sent through bank to a scammer is gradually becoming easier with communication.


Once you're successful at the bank stage , the scammer's account will be PLACED ON HOLD. He will be required to visit the bank because, his Bank Verification Number (BVN) will be permanently blocked, hence, he can’t open another account or carry out any transaction (receive or withdraw) with that name or account, until everything is sorted out.

At the bank, he will be arrested, and if found guilty of the crime you reported, he will be charge to refund your money. And he will face the law.


1. Screen shot all the chats you had with the scammer on any messaging app ( SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp). I'll advise you screenshot (when in doubt) before making a payment because, you might not find such massages again after payment (personal experience).

2. Always ask for full bank details not just account number (Bank name and account holder's full name are very important, make sure to save it).

3. Write out the full name of the account holder and account number.

4. Screen shot the notification your bank sent to you concerning the transaction in question. Make sure to copy out the Transaction ID Number (every transaction you make has a unique ID number).

5. Visit any branch of the bank you sent the money to (if the bank you sent the money to was “Writ Bank PLC, go to any branch of Writ Bank PLC in your locality). Ask for Customers Service in charge of Fraud (such office is expected in each established banks in Nigeria).

6. Make sure to print out all the screenshots of the chats, SMS (including bank notification-alert,) on that transaction. Submit the print out to the Customer Service In Charge of Fraud.

7. Send an email to Scammer's Bank (you can get it from the bank) and copy CBN FRAUD DESK ( you can get it from their official website or [email protected] ). Eg. Sent to Writ Bank PLC, Cc: Central Bank of Nigeria.

Content created and supplied by: Gossippearl (via Opera News )

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