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5 ways to become money magnet even if you are dull

Money is like a magnet, it's is attractive but the only difference is that, it only attracts towards those who attracts it with their actions.

I have witnessed lots of testimony about people who practiced some actions, their life transformed in short while after they did so. 

If you also practice the same action, you attract wealth like you've never experienced.

What are the actions that attracts money? 

Charge Your Brain 

lol. that might sounds funny a bit, because you'll be thinking how can I charge my brain, when it's not battery.

Common, that's far from what I mean, charging your brain means giving yourself more time to meditate and think, the mistake most people make in life is that, they always tend to think the best way to do thing is how the majority does it, so they always follow the crowd.

if you want to attract money, you must always ask yourself "how can I do it better"

Create Good Network 

There is a saying that goes thus "your network is your networth" this means that the kinds of people you hang around also determines more in your financial life.

If you hang around nine poor people, you are about to be the tenth.

Always make sure you hang around successful peopleo more of the time.

Model Successful People 

This means making successful people your mentor, so you can follow their steps.

This is one of the easiest way to attract money, because it will reduce the rate at which you make mistakes since your mentor as made the same mistake, you'll watch out for it and avoid it. 

Good Appearance

The way you dress is the way you'll be addressed, so always make sure that you maintain good personality.

One of the benefits of this is that, it helps in packaging your brand.

Seek More Knowledge 

"Knowledge is the new currency" so no matter what you do, always make sure you keep learning more, read more books, attend more summit and challenge yourself to do better.

This are some of the practices you can adopt in order to attract more money towards you.

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