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5 Detailed Business Ideas to Create Wealth This 2020

(1) AGENT BANKING/POS: Banks are always crowded and people would gladly jump at an opportunity to get their transactions done within a short time frame. And this is where POS business comes in. The major things you need to commence this business are; POS machine (Which can be gotten for free from some Banks), a kiosk, internet and a working capital of at least a Hundred Thousand Naira. This business is highly lucrative. You can decide to charge a 100naira per 5,000naira transaction. If you get a patronage of at least 10 transactions daily with a minimum of 10,000naira per transaction. You must have made a profit of 2,000 naira in a day. Let's multiply it by 30 days, which is 60,000 naira in one Month.

(2) PIGGERY: Pig farming is a business that will surely make you rich within a short period of time. You will need to construct a pen for your pigs to live in, then you get your stock. I always advise people going into this business to start with pregnant pigs. A pregnant pig is sold for 50,000naira. You can start with 4 pregnant pigs. A pregnant pig can give birth to up to 16 piglets.Lets assume each pregnant pigs gave birth to 16 piglets. Now multiply those 16 piglets by your 4 parent stock, that means you have 64 piglets in your pig farm. If you decide to sell those piglets at 4 weeks ( A piglet is 10,000-12,000naira). If you sell each for 10,000naira, you must have made 640,000naira in 4 weeks and you still have your parent stock with you. If you keep your pigs for 5 months to mature, At maturity, a pig is sold for 40,000-50,000naira depending on the weight of the pigs (Pigs are sold in Kilograms). Let's assume you sold the 64 matured pigs for 40,000 naira each, that's a whooping sum of 2.5million,60,000naira(2,560,000) and you still have your parent stock with you. Now tell me why you wouldn't do this business.

(3) BARBING SALOON: Men love to barb their hairs at most every three weeks. Cost of Barbing of hair is 300naira on the average in many locations. You can make yours 250naira to have a lot of patronage. If 20 men come to your Saloon in a day, that's a profit of 5,000naira. Cost of purchasing a good clippy is 6,000naira. You can also decide to do home delivery Barbing and charge as high as 1,000naira per person. If you want to own a Barbing Saloon, you will need to rent a shop, buy mirror, combs, brushes, powder, apron, chair and DVD player for music which is optional but this can be used to attract a lot of passerbys. If all these is done, you are sure to get your 'daily bread' from this business.

(4) DRY-CLEANING BUSINESS: This is another highly lucrative business. You can start this business with less than five thousand naira if you wish to start small. In order to start, you need to print banners and place in strategic locations indicating your line of business including your contact address. You will need to purchase detergents and bar soap, bleach, buckets, starch, iron (you can use your old iron) and electricity. If you wish to start in a big way then you will be needing a washing machine and shop(optional), you can work from home. If all these is done, then you are ready for business. A set of shirt and trouser is dry-cleaned for 400naira. Imagine you get 10 patronages in a day. That's 10,000naira.

(5) SAND,GRAVEL AND GRANITE SUPPLY BUSINESS: I so much love this particular Business because it doesn't necessarily require capital to start. You just need to perform a simple task and earn huge amount of money. You can start this business without owning a truck (If you can afford it, it is a plus). All you need do is, go to construction sites, meet with Civil and Construction Engineers, Bricklayers, developing areas where people are putting up structures or about to, tell them you supply sands, gravels and granites, negotiate with price, give them your contact and that is all you need to start. Get contacts of different truck drivers in case one disappoints. Go to any dredging sites, buy sand after your customers must have paid, pay for the sand, call a truck driver to supply and keep your profit. You can make as much as 10,000naira per trip. Just imagine you supply 10 times in a day, that's a whooping sum of 100,000naira without spending a dine.

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