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See the new hot trending business you can start with just #5000 naira, (UPDATED)

It pains me when I see our energetic and illustrious youths always complaining about lack of jobs and unavailable opportunities for them to be financially stable in their endeavors.

Honestly there is no job in Nigeria and even if there is, you probably have to churn out #500,000 -$3000,000 to be able to secure a job especially a federal government job.

With the massive number of unemployed youths in Nigeria,the available jobs is highly unable, inadequate and inconsequential to accommodate the enormous number of youths released from the various tertiary institutions around the country.

The youths have no resolution than to turn to entrepreneurship and business. To be candid there may be no jobs in Nigeria but there are certainly one million ways or channels to earn money in Nigeria.

A typical Nigerian man must eat,drink,bath and put on nice clothes and these are where most average Nigerian men and women money goes to on a daily basis. Now money is lazy and easy to get. Why do I say so.??? No matter how broke you are ,you must eat food,drink,buy soap to either wash or bath and also wear nice clothes..these are where your money goes to even if you are jobless. Am I communicating now.???

The only way to earn people's hard earned money in Nigeria is to create value. People will only pay for what gives value to them. An average man Nigeria needs basic life necessities to survive,hence his Little money must be used buy life necessities for survival.

What am trying to say here is that you can engage into certain lucrative businesses to earn people's hard earned money.

Below are life changing business you can do to change your financial inconsistency. vendor: This is no news in Nigeria because every man must eat on a daily basis. Can you calculate how much you have spent in Mama put since this year began?? I bet you can't. You don't need to even advertise yourself in food business because the business is self advertising. This is the surest way to take people's money without hassles or conviction. You can start a food vendor business from your corridor as man or woman. I don't know if you have been to Lagos or warri, you will be amazed how our educated, young, energetic,savvy,handsome and alluring boys and girls engaged in frying akara(bean cakes), pap, moi-moi and beans,etc at designated locations to earn a living.

I was perplexed when a graduate by name (Larry Amadi) from University of Nnsuka Enugu told me he makes at Least #8000-10,000 selling just akara at his street junction. If you as a graduate can drop pride and engaged in this food business with diligence and creativity, you will soon become a fast food or an eatery owner in no time.

2. Hibiscus ( Zobo) drink: This is a virgin business that is still untapped in Nigeria. After Coca-Cola beverages, Zobo drink is the most popular drink consumed by Nigeria on a daily basis. This business is so easy to start because you only need Zobo leaves,ginger,Zobo sweetners (flavours),. You can even start this business with less than 5000 naira. A module of Zobo leaves is presently #280 and half a module of Zobo leaves can produce at Least 40 cans of 50cl plastic bottles, which can be sold 100 naira if packaged properly. In order for you to excel in this business please get a graphic designer to design your Zobo label for high patronage and quality,use clean bottles and cork the cover of the plastic corker...if you intend to grow big as the Lord blesses you and you want to preserve your Zobo drink by preserving it, get sodium benzoate and put in gallon of water and add an ounce of it to your Zobo leaves while boiling. Sodium benzoate can preserve your Zobo for up to one month or better still use refrigerator if you have steady power supply.

3 pure water business: I know many of you have been acquainted with the profitability and viability of satchet water business. A bag of pure water usually is sold at 100-120 naira at wholesale and resold at 200 naira in retail shops..All you need in this business is to make sure your satchet water is always cold and see the influx of customers that will patronise you on a daily basis. If you don't have a freezer, just buy iceblock and see how your business flourish. My landlord wife makes a minimum of five thousand daily from only sales of pure water and Coca-Cola beverages.

Just get a good location that people can easily rush to get chilled water or get a hawker to market it for you. You won't believe the profit of satchet water business until you try it.

4. Provision business (groceries) Ask an igbo and he will tell you how profitable this business is Nigeria. Have you wondered when you see able bodies igbo men engaged in selling provision items in the market..??? You think they are jobless or useless.?

Well if you think so, I laugh you in Swahili. Provision business comes in greater profit when you buy in cartoon quantity. Lemme analyse it for you, if you buy one cartoon of noodles#2000 at 50 naira each noodle pack( cartoon price) and resell at 60 naira, your profit margin is 400 naira,not to talk less of the supaghetti,bread, beverages etc,by the time you add all the products you sell,you will be amazed at your profits..see another example, a pack of 35 cl coke is sold for 850-900 naira,it is resold to the final consumers at 120 naira which gives you 1440 naira when multiplied by the 12 bottles inside the pack.!!! E shock you abi?? Now 1440-850 =590 naira, if you make 590 on a pack of coke,multiply it if you are able to sell 10-15 packs in a day along side other provision products.

My mother use this business to fend for us while growing up.

5. Snacks: This is a great a way to make money if done properly and with the right ingredients.

Many people engaged in this business but only few have been able to make a niche (name) for themselves. Why is it so.?? If you want to start snacks production, please to package your snacks with eye catching labels and enough ingredients. Do you know why ShopRite or sizzlers fishpie is classy,yummy and most sought for is because they are well packaged and well prepared than those road side ones,use the right ingredients if possible look for secret recipes to add your snacks to make it yummy and tasty and see how people will patronise your snacks immediately you bring them out. Everything is packaging in this world. You can start this business with #5000 naira and grow as God bless you.

Remember in all you do, pray to God and stay away from evil and cheating that he may bless the works of your hands. Dont be discourage when your profit margin is slow at the begining,with time, you will definitely be smiling when the profits start coming in huge amounts. I remain your humble boy. Comments below to encourage me for more articles like this.

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