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Some countries are opening slowly amid the Corona virus pandemic

Since the cure it's yet to be found,some countries around the world are making hard decisions to keep the economy going.

Here's a list of some countries and the turns they're taking to save the economy.

  • China: Mainland China was the first country in the world to go under lockdown. Now, with its daily cases in the low single digits, cities are easing their restrictions and tourist favorites like Beijing's Forbidden City are reopening. However, some limitations remain, like daily visitor caps and health checks.
  • The USMore than half of all states will have partially reopened by the end of this week, despite some still reporting record single-day increases in new cases.
  • India: The nationwide lockdown, affecting 1.3 billion people, was originally scheduled to lift on Sunday, May 3 -- but has since been extended to May 17. However, restrictions have eased in some low-risk areas that haven't had new cases in three weeks.
  • Australia: The government is considering easing the nationwide lockdown earlier than planned. “We can’t keep Australia under the doona, we need to be able to move ahead,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday. A doona is what Australians call a duvet.
  • Malaysia: The country will allow the majority of businesses to reopen Monday. Those that involve close contact like movie theaters or nightclubs will remain closed. 

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