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Fiction: Babalawo Come And Solve This Matter

Everyday drama is often a norm in our banking halls. These dramas could range from one customer to another, a customer and bank security, or very often than not, a customer and a teller.

A lady (name withheld) was allegedly reported to have invited a native doctor aka babalawo to come and resolve the matter between her bank and her.

The lady who claimed to have been wrongly debited by the bank resorted to the use of the dibia after several efforts to reach a compromise with her bank proved abortive.

An eyewitness report holds that the lady and the babalawo were spotted at the entrance to the bank, with the native doctors side even wearing a complementary red nosemask as they we're yet to be attended to.

What are your takes? Do you think the lady did well to have involved the native doctor? What will you have done if you were the bank teller?

Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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