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Are You Diligent In Your Business?

If I ask thousands of people this question:

I would get many replies like yes, no, maybe, some may not know what diligence means.

In a nutshell, many people are not diligent in their businesses and that's why we experience a lot of failures in what we thought would make us successful!.

Have you seen a diligent man?

1. A diligent man is skillful 

2. A diligent man is hardworking and focused

3. A diligent man is industrious

God has promised to bless the work of our hands and everything we do (Deut15:10).

Yet only a diligent man will stand before kings(Proverb 22:29).

We are all involved in several businesses but only a few number of us are diligent in our business.

Your business include education, trading, office work, making of crafts, baking, ministry etc.

Your business can also be anything you do to make a living or earn money

So if God promised to bless the work of our hands and we are diligent in our business wouldn't He take us before kings and not mere men?

We cannot get to some levels in our life if we are not diligent in what we do!

It may be a small business and you are gaining little but add diligence to it and it would take you far!

It might be your academics, instead of joining people who call school scam be diligent and it would take places!

It may be a skill or whatever God placed in your hands, be diligent and you would be great!

In ministry, be diligent, give all you can and the world would hear of you!

*The I want to blow now now syndrome is one of the conditions in our generation.

Almost everyone wants an already made business, certificate and even relationship.

Yes, we all want to sleep in an air conditioned room, work in an air conditioned office and drive in an air conditioned car.

*Go to Dubai for trips and go shopping in the biggest shops and makers

Yet most people don't know how to work and get all these,most people don't want to go through the pain and stress to get there!

We just want to start a business and it grows big,start a church and get a full church,start a ministry and get crowd.

Have we forgotten a new baby takes years to be an adult and a student doesn't start school and graduate in a day. So it is with business it takes time, seriousness, hard work to achieve greatness

-If you want to blow take time to work.

-If you want the world to hear you,it doesn't happen in a day.

-If you want to be the best,work with all you've got.

*We need to know that only diligent men stand before kings and make it to greatness

*Only diligent men shake the world

*Only diligent men make impact

-So if you are in love with greatness,fall in love with work,stress,pain,falling and rising.

No great man made it without diligence!

In the journey to greatness all you do is work!

-All the great men you know worked, you can ask them

One more thing, don't ever be ashamed of your business whether it is your work, skill, trade or ministry!

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