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MOTIVATION: As long as your hustles are legit, it'll pay someday.

I'm not exactly what you might want to call your typical "inspirational speaker", infact I'm in need to of one right now but regardless I'm coming out to say something because I believe, we understand the struggles of one another.

Being the Nigerians we are, we were born to hustle. As humans, we were practically born into toil. Don't let the scripted success stories of others fool you, the honest journey to the promised Land was never an easy one. 

Even if na pure water you dey sell, abi you be taxi driver, or you're a mechanic, as long as your hustles are legit, it'll pay someday!

What you need, is enough determination to fuel the actualization of your big dreams. What you need, is consistency to strengthen your baby steps in this great journey. 

What you need, is the spirit of an opera article creator who understands that, rejections aren't outright failure. Rejections aren't outright denial. Rejections are actually to guide you towards re-strategizing, reframing and relaunching! Delay isn't denial as well, it's simply a preparation for the fertile ground for you to launch what you have to offer. 

Remember, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing thoroughly well, so do not be in a hurry.

Keep making your small change, even if your profit ends up being 10naira. Even if Yahoo boys are buying Ferrari, keep your hustles legit! The future is green, keep being real. As long as your hustles are legit, listen to the voice saying "Don't quit, it'll pay someday!"

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