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How can the world community restrict China from its expansionist policy?

Expansionist in terms of taking other countries land? No. China does not do that. They only protect what they consider to be their border. Even the recent problem with India in Ladakh was not China’s fault. The problem started when India built a road in disputed territory. Both China and Nepal were upset. China sent their army to the border while Nepal protested:

But yes, China has a mad expansionist policy that involves Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. It is called The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is an expansion of influence project the size of which has never be done before. More than a hundred countries have signed up for the BRI, although projects have yet to start in most of them. The BRI, launched in 2013 by Chinese president Xi Jinping, includes hundreds of infrastructure projects financed and constructed in part or in whole by Chinese entities in Asia, Africa and a few countries in Europe. Projects include ports, airports, rail lines, utilities, industrial centers, highways, and even entire new cities and urban sectors. The BRI project aims for nothing less than the unification of almost all of Asia and Africa. That’s expansionist! Through the BRI, China hopes to benefit by opening markets and gaining influence. Analysts estimate that trade generated by the BRI reached $117 billion in 2018. The World Bank estimates that the BRI could reduce transportation times on many corridors by 12 percent, increase trade between 2.7 percent and 9.7 percent, increase income by up to 3.4 percent, and lift 7.6 million people from extreme poverty.

But why would we want to restrict China from improving the infrastructure and economy of these countries?

China are traders and manufacturers, not warmongers, they are a nation that has excelled in 50 years and now have a world to trade with and only one sea of which to receive and export goods, and the US has tried everything to block them, thus forcing China to protect themselves and building these fortifications are a way of doing this, and in doing so have built the largest military force in the world and the best defensive missile system the world has ever seen and America is in for a real shock if they keep up with its interference tactics.

The economics that deals with it even has a name: Protectionism.

If people cannot see the sense in refusing to sell out to China at every opportunity for a fast cash grab, then the governments need to start acting. The problem with much of Europe, in particular the UK, is that they prefer to import cheaper Chinese products rather than make their own. Nothing wrong with importing some things and having a balanced economy, but it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs into one basket. If comes to that, do we really want to be putting our future into the hands of a country that suppresses its own people’s rights and is openly hostile towards towards the west? A country that is trying to dominate wherever it can?

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