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Walk Alone: important tips you need to know about walking alone


In life there are certain decisions one has to take, and one of these decisions is the decision to walk alone. Taking decisions like this is not usually easy but it is important you understand the reason you should walk alone given certain circumstances. There are some people who will never understand your dreams and goals no matter how much you simplify them, they will choose not to align with you and sometimes act like they do, but all they will eventually do is pull you back.

I have always had my opinion on walking alone, and this is how I feel, no one will understand your goals better than you, and because of this no one will pursue your dreams and accomplish them better than you. The best person to chase your goal and vision is you.

In businesses, organizations and NGOs there is usually a need for teamwork. However, it is paramount to note that teamwork is perfectly displayed where there is cooperation among people who believe in a goal and truly want to achieve this goal together. The focus is not on teamwork; I write to those who have not found a reason to walk alone. 

Whenever you try so hard to explain your dreams and visions to someone and they do not support you, you have to walk alone. If you truly want to see your dreams become a reality you will need to take this decision at some point in your life. There are people out there ready to question your zeal, ready to frustrate your vision, ready to break you, ready to put on attitude that will suggest to you that you are not worth their investment or time, learn to detach yourself from these set of people. 

Be careful those you share your ideas and dreams with, some might just discourage you. The excuse that no one stood with you when you had vision, dreams and aspirations is flimsy if you eventually fail to accomplish anything. You should not abandon your ideas because those you told did not pledge their support, you are the chief executive officer of your goals. If those you ask to partner with you fail, you have to walk alone and determined to realise all you set out to accomplish.

I also believe that if you put your ideas to work, people will see a better reason to support you. Be more concerned with the execution of your ideas than with gaining support. Walking alone is not an easy task but eventually it might be the best decision to have taken. Walking alone in my context is not neglecting people who honestly offer their support in the realisation of your dreams, but leaving behind all those that discourage and frustrates your effort. The saying goes that “no man is an island” implying that we all need one another but a lot interpret this to mean you either have people's support or you cannot do it yourself and to correct this notion this is my thought. You need people, but do not depend totally on people to bring your ideas to a reality.

Walking alone requires a lot on the part of the visioner, you need capacity which is the ability to perform a task, you need to also have self-confidence which transcends into believing in yourself and in your dreams, having in mind that without confidence no tangible achievement can be made. You need to seek opportunities like an entrepreneur, do not wait to be given a platform, seek out your own outlet, scan your environment and maximise opportunities that will help grow your ideas. 

The reason the people you talk to about your dreams fail to support you might be because those you met have visions miles apart from yours and sometimes cannot relate to yours. What you need to do is carefully search those you share your ideas and visions with, if you share with like minds you are likely to get the desired support you need. Do not let people discourage that vision, walk alone it is better than walking with the crowd that will drag their feet and finally frustrate you.

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