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Ho to Get and Secure an Employment with Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria is the biggest producer of oil and gas in Africa, and a home to a lot of international oil companies like,Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited ,Petrobras ,Total, Hardy Oil and Gas Plc ,Nexen Inc, Addax Petroleum ,shell ,chevron , Exxon Mobil , Statoil, etc.

As a graduate you must be wondering what it takes to work in such like companies. As an undergraduate, it was the dream of many. But it turns out that only few get to live that dream as a fulfilled life, either by influence (connection) or through excellence. Some of you might wonder, if it is , by excellence, Why aren't all first class graduates working in oil companies already. Yes, all first class graduates can be a shell or a chevron staff if they want to. Same for the second class graduates and even those of you who graduated on merits. You might wonder if there is a provable formula to getting oil and gas job. But I am telling you that, there is a sure way by which anyone can be a staff of an oil and gas company. Make sure you read to the end to get the procedures by which you can actually be an oil and gas company staff.

Professional excellency

The first requirement to get an oil and gas job is to be the best among your peers. I know by now some of you whom have graduated with the grades they will not wish upon their enemies, let alone for themselves must have thought all hopes is lost, at moment they read they have to be better than their peers. For the records, please l am not referring to the grades you graduated with from your school. some of you, in which your certificates were determine by your lecturers without your consent, just know that this information has nothing to do with your certificates grades. The sort of Excellency I am referring to, goes beyond grades obtained in the university. The Excellency I am talking about here is professional excellency. Lack Professional excellency is what makes it possible for your CV to be ignored by this companies, even when you are a first class graduate. As a matter of fact if you are professionally excellent, these companies will go out of their comfort zone to search for you. There are two compulsory steps to be professionally qualified as a graduate.

Step 1. Join a professional body

Everyday, we keep hearing no job, no job. If I may ask, how many Nigerian youths are professionally certified since they became graduates. Also, you Mr father who believes your sons or your daughters must get a job and pay every kobo you have spent on their schooling, have you ever asked your son or daughter what recognized professional body he or she belonged to, since he became a graduate? If not, No oil and gas company or any reputable company will employ such a quack. Employment are based on trust, that is why these companies, the first thing they will check in your CV is the set of professional bodies you belong to. As a graduate there are so many profession bodies you can register with. Below are some, you can select which to join, base on your profession.

List of professional bodies for Engineers

Here are Top 5 List of professional bodies for Engineers you can join to boost your chances of getting these oil and gas jobs.

1.Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN):

2. Nigerian Society of Engineers(NSE)

3. Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG)

4. Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE)

5. Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN)

List of professional bodies for Accountants and other management graduates

Here are Top 5 List of professional bodies for Accountants and other management graduates you can join to boost your chances of getting these oil and gas jobs.

1. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

2. Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN)

3. Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria (CPA)

4. Institute of Forensic Accountants (IFA)

5. Chartered Institute of International Accountants of Nigeria (CAIAN)

list of professional bodies for lawyers

Here are Top 4 list of professional bodies for law graduates you can join to boost your chances of getting these oil and gas jobs.

1. Nigeria Bar Association (NBA)

2. Centre for Law & Development

3. Society of Construction Industry Arbitrators of Nigeria (SCIARB)

4. Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS)

The importance of associating oneself with the appropriate bodies in charge of your profession cannot be overemphasized, due to the fact that it brings some advantages to the individual, so it would be off your own best interest to join the professional body in charge of your profession. However, belonging to a professional body or association is not enough,

Step 2. Get a professional Skill

The Bible say the man who is skilled in his works will eat and drink with kings. What I am simply saying is that, to be fully professionally qualified for an oil and gas job, in addition to belonging to a recognized professional body, you also need to have and be the best there is, in a much needed professional skill. A professional skill makes it impossible for you not to be ignored no matter what. for Example, the highest percentage in number of offshore workers are welders who are registered members of the HSC ( health and safety construction). This is because welding skill is highly in demand for the oil and gas companies. Of course everyone cannot be a welder, but there are so many professional softwares you can learn which will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Microsoft Excel and tableau for all professionals, especially for the management professionals.

2. Python, project managers and sales analyst.

3. Auto Desk for Engineers

4. Civil 3D for civil Engineers and surveyors

5. Solid works for mechanical engineers

6. Piping and planet for petroleum Engineers

7. Inventor fusion for Engineers

8. Matlab for production and computer Engineers etc.

I hope this article should help someone in dear need of good career advice, and also those wondering what it takes and how they can work in the oil industries of the country. This is all you need.

Content created and supplied by: Endtime (via Opera News )

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