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Start Yoghurt Drink Production Business and Smile to the Bank

Yoghurt drink is a nutritional drink with very low fat content but with lots of nutritional components in it. You can make a lot of money from yoghurt drink if ventured into and always smile to the bank due to its Profitability and Lucrativeness. People who are moderately lactose tolerant can drink Yoghurt.

You can start selling this drinks in various flavours like vanilla, banana, apple, strawberry, chocolate and other varieties. This business moves so much in the market that if you venture into Yoghurt Drink Production business you will make a lot of money and always smile to the bank due to you will be making huge Profit in returns. Yoghurt can be enjoyed when served chilled.

You can venture into Yoghurt Drink Production Business because it has so many Health values. Here are the Health Benefits of Yoghurt Drink

- Yoghurts helps in weight loss.

-Yoghurts are a good supply of energy.

- Yoghurts reduce the risk of diseases.

- Yoghurt contains almost every nutrient the body needs.

- Yoghurts aids the digestive system.

- Yoghurts are likely to strengthen the immune system.

- Yoghurts are high in protein content

- Yoghurts help in the maintenance of bone

- Yoghurts contains several properties that help in weight management.

The Main Ingredients in Producing Yoghurt Drink are Milk and Yoghurt Culture. Other Ingredients can also be added to make the brand unique like Dry Milk Powder, Stabilizers Fruit and Sweetener. Milk is the main ingredient used in the Production of Yoghurt. It can be Cream, low fat or Skim. You also need the Yoghurt Culture.

Ingredients for Making Yoghurt Drink


Yoghurt Starter Mix also called Yoghurt Culture

Steps in Producing Yoghurt Drink

1) Choose your milk; any animal based milk works fine

2) Heat the Milk in a Container. This is for two reasons:- it kills any bacteria that might be in the milk that would compete against the bacteria that convert milk to Yoghurt; It changes the milk protein in a way that allows it to culture and firm up.

3) While the milk starts boiling and brings out foam you stirr the milk with a wooden Spatula

3). While heating and stirring the milk take your temperature stop watch and make sure it does not exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

4)Put down the heated milk and allow the liquid to cool off to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) Add the Yoghurt Starter Mix or Culture after cooling.

This really gives the milk the Yoghurt Taste or you can either add already Prepared Yoghurt which is Yoghurt from a different batch. Note you can also add some flavours like fruit, sweetener, vanilla etc to make your Yoghurt Drink Unique after adding the Yoghurt Culture.

6) Pour the milk into Jars and put an oven set a consistent temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit for about 9-12 hours.

7) Then place the Yoghurt in Refrigerator for about 2 hours for consideration.

8) Finally you can package your Yoghurt in bottles or Sip Cartons

How to Start Yoghurt Drink Production Business

- Training:- Get proper training on how to produce Yoghurt and understand the market is key before setting up your own Yoghurt Drink Production Business.

- Planning and Set up:- Setting up a successful Yoghurt Production business requires a plan which would include the budget, reach of customers, market size, location of the business, business management and many more.

- Purchase Equipment:- Purchasing the right equipment and ingredients is key to making your Yoghurt taste good so that it will attract customers again after the first trial.

- Market Your Brand:- Sales is the live wire of every business and so you need to advertise your Products and create market awareness.

Read this article and see how you can Produce your own Yoghurt from home and make money that makes you Smile to the Bank.

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