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Ways to make money with zero capital. Conquer laziness and read till the end especially number two.

I'm going to make this short and simple cause I've noticed people don't actually like reading long stuffs but please try read till the end, cause you'll be grateful to me. 

I know in one way or the other we want to make money but we don't have capitals or we don't have ideas or we just don't know how. Most times we retire to ponzi schemes but not everyone will be lucky to gain from it. 

So this post is going to give you three reliable ways to make money. 

1. Opera News Hub: You know how you're sitting down reading my post, I'm sitting down making cool money, by you reading my post, cool right. So here's what you need. Good writing skills, a phone, good internet, persistent, patience and devotion. With just this four skills you can make money while others are spending. Let me give you proof in case you still doubt me. 

This is even small, I know someone who was paid #140,000 by opera. WOW right?? Just devote your time and you'll reap the fruit of your labor. 

2. Drop Shipping: Some of us might be wondering what drop shipping is, okay let me hint you. Assume there are two men. Mr A a business owner and Mr B a business seeker. Mr B in need of money and business can make a deal with Mr A to help him advertise his products, bring him customers and help with sales then Mr A and Mr B agrees on a price that Mr B will add to every product he successfully sells for Mr A( let's assume its #2000 they agree on) . So let's say Mr A sells shoes and a pair is #5000, if Mr B should successfully find a customer for Mr A he'll add #2000 to the product he wants to sell for Mr A, that's he'll sell Mr A's shoe for #7000, Mr A takes the original #5000 while Mr B takes the #2000 profit. They both gain right?  

So when Mr B does this for many business owners he gets a lot of profit then he can successful open his own business and remember he started with zero capital

You just need good marketing skills, good convincing skills, persistence, patience and devotion. 

3.You tube: We all know what You tube is, you make videos, people watch and you get money😁, you get cool cash. This is quite easy, all you need is a phone, ideas, zeal, and patience to get subscribers, for those of us that have friends, all you need to do is tell a friend to tell a friend, to tell a friend to subscribe to your channel and by doing so you make your money still with zero capital. 

So you can imagine if you're wise enough to combine this three methods be ready to be called a milloniare in no time. 

Use your time well, use the lockdown well, shine your eyes, no dull yourself just sit down and be making money, my friends the reward will baffle you. 

If you have any question on any of the three, the comment section is open, I'll reply as soon as possible. I'm open to corrections too

If you read this post till the end then I'll I give you a kudos, you're one step ahead of others

So the same way I'm helped you, help me by clicking, commenting and sharing

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