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Easy steps to migrate to Canada

Canada is a wonderful country to visit, study and work. In as much as you are determined never to give up on your goals and you do not want to give up on what you want to achieve, I encourage you to take out time to go through this article and give us a response, let us know how to help you. As of today, you will spend AT LEAST $2,115 CAD to process a permanent residence application in Canada (by yourself) as a skilled immigrant.

You MUST also show the proof of settlement funds.

This is based on certain conditions I explained below.

The $2,115 budget above is based on the conditions that you are:

- A SINGLE applicant

- Writing the language test (IELTS) once

- Doing your application yourself (no authorized rep)

- Transcript fee for Credential Assessment (and other fees, i.e for passports are not included).

Budget Breakdown

IELTS: N75,000 ($250 CAD/more)

WES: N80,000 ($265/more)

Medicals: N46,500 ($155/more)

Application/Right of PR fee: N397,500 ($1,325/more)

Biometric fee: N25,500 ($85/more)

Police certificate: N10,000 - Nigeria ($35/less or more) feel free to ask your questions so as to help you out. Kindly follow and like and drop your comments

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