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Do these things to become a millionaire

To everybody wants to be a millionaire and from there a billionaire, as nobody wants to be poor. But becoming a millionaire requires some certain steps which must be taken by the sojourner.

Those steps are very easy, but before we list them let's talk about some few things that doesn't make one a millionaire.

1. Sleeping in the church doesn't make one a millionaire.

2. Keeping regular vigils doesn't make one a millionaire.

3. Joining cults, going fetish, reading stars, worshipping idols, killing human beings and other similar things, doesn't make one a millionaire.

4. Being very hard-working doesn't make one a millionaire, if it does; farmers, wood cutters, well diggers and other menial workers would've been millionaires.

5. Winning lottery and bets, suddenly stumbling over a large sum of money on the road or being gifted a large sum of money doesn't necessary make one a millionaire.

5. Joining armed robbery gang and forcefully taking people's possession and money doesn't make one a millionaire.

6. Being left a huge estate or inheritance doesn't guarantee you remaining a millionaire for long.

7. Studying very hard at school, doing drugs and getting involved in criminality doesn't make you a millionaire neither does serving nor knowing very rich people do.

Now that we know things that doesn't make one millionaires lets get into the topic of this article which is “seven sure steps to become a millionaire” here they are!

 Culled from George Clayton's book written in 1924 titled “The Richest Man In Babylon” by

George Clayton 

1. Start thy purse to fattening, start doing something, start making and selling akara, start buying and selling whatever you can, start working for someone or for an organisation while still doing some side hussles, as you do that always keep away 10% of your income; be it wages, salaries, rents or interest for your millionaire project. The 10% is a money never to be touched except for a well tested and trusted business.

2. Control thy expenditure, as you already know, there is no end to what one wants, just make sure that you have a scale of preference, that you strive to satisfy your needs and not pandering to your wants, that you keep to the absolute necessity.

3. Invest thy savings, buy shares, buy lands, build houses, invest in treasury bonds, invest in fixed deposits, buy cheap food stuffs to resale when they are expensive.

4. Make thy house a profit, rear chickens in your house, rear goats, snails, cows, rabbits and any livestock which space permits you to rear in your house, that way, you can guarantee your meat and cash when needed. Also, cultivate pumpkin, pawpaw, mango, cashew, guava, spinach and all other fruit, vegetable and tree crops that the space in your house can accommodate. Rent out space or rooms from the house if available.

5. Another thing you must do is protection, protect yourself, protect your family, your business and your resident by not keeping late night, by not driving while drunk, by not keeping bad friends, by properly locking your house before you sleep, by paying your vigilantes levy and by engaging them, by employing guards for your business premises and your home, by not over speeding, protection involves doing the right thing in the right way at the right time and place.

6. Insurance, for me insurance is the most profitable “gambling” that's, if you choose to call it a gamble. Insure your life so that when you die your family can bury you without a hoot and live their life without much fuss. Insure whatever you love so much that you wouldn't want to lose, such as cars, houses, sickness, third party accident and many others, the only thing is that insurance, just like gambling can be addictive and sometimes can make you do some stupid things, you must fight against additive insurance like you always fight against addictive everything.

7. To be a millionaire you must give, you must be a cheerful giver, if you are not good at giving you won't be good at paying your staff, their salaries, if you are not good at giving you won't be good at paying your taxes, levies, rates, rents, duties and numerous other bills and expenses. You need to give in order to get, give to your community, that's what is called corporate social responsibilities, give to your neighbors, your friends, partners, workers and even churches and mosques. If you are not buoyant enough to give freely, you can at least patronize them, by employing them, provided they can do the work, giving them the contract and engaging them. That is the sacrifice, 

Finally, remember that, you need other millionaires to keep your millions.

Therefore, you may like and share to help others becomel

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