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Was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez correct when she said that no billionaire has ever earned a billion?

Was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez correct when she said that no billionaire has ever earned a billion dollars, but rather they took the money from people they exploited?

Unless you are the Government, you cannot legally make a dime without taking it from someone else: It’s the economic law of scarcity- that all resources are limited and as a result, there is competition as to who can obtain them. However, this economic law also goes hand-in-hand with a law of human nature, known as the Pareto Distribution. It states that a very small minority of humans in a given group produce a vast majority in a given society.

Now, look at where you work: There are going to be people who naturally have the capacity to produce more- they will naturally lean towards taking higher risks, more decisions, and be crafting more production systems. Think of Henry Ford and the root of all production at the company. The thing is, when you make most of the resources, you reap the most fruits from the tree. This is why there will always be a natural income gap between people- because it is a pure point of tolerance. So yes, Billionaires to take a billion dollars for the economy- but they are doing it in exchange for changing lives at an unbelievable scale that can affect the lifestyles of vitally everyone in a nation of 300 million people- if not more. But they take a billion the exact same way you earn 1- provided it was legal.

Now the context AOC gave it in was entirely different- and it was horrific. She blatantly stated that if someone is successful at that scale, they definitely have cheated their way to the top. Not only do we have a system of innocent until proven guilty, but we have a system of probable cause. AOC made these accusations- and keep in mind she is a representative in this country herself- without the two basic legal boundaries of presuming guilt or shame in this country. Her context was wrong, but economically she was right. But she said it as if we all do not do the same to keep the economy running because we are not all minters.

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