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Nobody will teach you how to be wealthy, learn to create your own wealth.

Nobody will teach you how to be wealthy, you alone can determine your worth.

Wealth simply means abundance, it could be monetary, knowledge or valuable materials.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions, why are the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer? It's simple because they later understands the secrets of wealth, wealth can be created, it can also be acquired. To acquire wealth, consistency and growth are the keys, if you are consistent in what you do, you learn new strategies of handling issues or damages. Failures are part of wealth creation, you can't talk about success without thinking about the probability of failure, the two are inseparable, without failures, success cannot be achieved. In as much as some people may inherit wealth, if they are not properly guided on how to control and manage wealth, they may end up loosing all they have inherited, the story will now be from grace to grass.

As a child who grew up in a poor family, I have always admired rich people, their clothes, shoes, choice of school, charisma was graceful, but I knew I wasn't in thesame social class with them, I always help my mum carry her goods to the market early in the morning before coming back to prepare for school, it was a big burden that I had to cope with throughout my childhood days, she was just an ordinary food vendor who could barely get me a new clothe. The thought of acquiring wealth was all I dreamt of everyday, why can't I have what other kids have, wear good clothes, make good hair, wear good shoes?, My pillow has always been my only companion, I would weep silently in my room, without letting my mum know how I feel about her not providing some of my needs.

I grew up in the midst of poverty, but I didn't loose hope, I had a great believe that I would be successful someday.

Now, as an adult who has acquired a degree, I couldn't still understand why I can't be wealthy nor how wealth flows, this kept me worried.

Nobody talks about wealth creation in schools and Churches, the few people you do hear it from would never tell you, how they were able to climb to that level.

I realized that what I need is just to be confident enough to create my own wealth, applying for jobs in different firms wasn't really enough, I decided to get a loan from the bank, using our only house as a collateral, though was scared at the beginning, but the fear of being poor kept me going.

I built a poultry and started with 5000 birds, having little knowledge about birds, I enrolled on a 2months course on bird management, I applied all the knowledge I learnt from the course, to my greatest surprise my birds were doing amazingly well. At 6months, I started supplying birds to families and hotels. I could sell up to 1000birds a day, the layers were laying eggs too, they eggs were being sold out too.

Before the year could run out, I was able to pay back the loan I owned the bank.

I expanded my poultry farm, built a pigsty, employed workers who would take care of them when am not available.

In as much as, I may not be as wealthy as I want to be but am grateful, now I can wear good clothes and shoes, am comfortable.

Nobody would ever teach you how to be wealthy, learn to create wealth for yourself, the secrets to being wealthy lies on the individual's perception of wealth, it will not be easy, but planning consistency, persistency, strategizing are always the key points.

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