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5 Lucrative Business That People Undermine But Pays Very Well.

In life not every body want to really struggle before they make it big and that's the reason why many have found themselves in abject poverty. Many believe that the government should provide all they want simply because they are now graduate and so they keep waiting on government to provide their daily meal and they ended up frustrated for life.

Today I'll be giving us 5 business that many look down on but in real life there's s much gain in it if you take your time to understand it.

Everything works with patient that's why they say patient is a virtue. And blessed are those that have it.

Without waisting much of our time, let me dive into the 5 most lucrative business that people undermine but pays like magic.

5 lucrative business that people look down on that pays like magic.

1. pure water selling: many believe this business is meant for the poor but that's a very bad mentality. One good secret about business is knowing what people want and giving it to them and another one is the demand of the product. Let's take for example we all know that selling electronic is better of than selling pure water but what you should know is that not everybody has the money to buy electronic but almost everybody can afford pure water.

When you're doing business, the rate of turnover is really important. In business turnover simple means how muc a business makes in sales during a specific period of time. When comparing the electronic for example with pure water selling, the rate of turnover for pure water will be higher than electronics because pure water has more demand and more affordable than electronics. However be guided that I'm not saying selling pure water is better than selling electronic.

I know of many pure water company that pays the workers handsomely and one those I have come across is Aqua Rapha company in Enugu owns by one of Nigeria popular reverend father in the person of Mbakar and many more again. There's is power in that ten ten naira if you don't know.

2. Marketing of garri (cassava flake): cassava flake popularly known as garri by Nigerians is indeed among the food that is highly demanded in Nigeria. Garri is mostly produce in high quantity in central part of Nigeria where their occupation mostly is farming and their land is very fertile for cassava to grow.

Not every body knows that selling this commodity is highly lucrative especially when you're exporting it from the central part of Nigeria to the southern and eastern part of Nigeria where it's in high demand and the price is very high. If you can venture into this business with one mind no doubt in due time you'll be smiling to your bank daily.

3. Selling of charcoal: This is another hidden business that many doesn't even know about because it dirty but believe me if you really want to make it in life and have the kind of life you want then be ready to let go of your ego sometimes so you'll achieve what you want else you'll be left in abject poverty.

Charcoal is in high demand as well mostly in this raining season and this period that money is very hard to get to even buy kerosene or gas. So for an average Nigerian charcoal is the only alternative to use in cooking and believe me no body will abandoned his or stomach in hunger and buy big phones or car to use.

4. Palm oil business: Since business is all about demand then palm oil won't be left out in this because in Nigeria, almost every body makes use of palm oil in cooking and since it's in high demand then it also one of the lucrative business to venture into because it pays very high.

5. Poultry business: The best is save for the last. One of the most lucrative among the ones mentioned before is poultry business especially the production of broilers for meat. Because of the dirty works in it many have ran away from it. I once met a girl and I told her my ambition is to own a Poultry farm and she was like that dirty business? Well I just laughed at her because she know not what she's saying.

Poultry business had the capacity of making you a millionaire in matter of years if well managed. Meat especially chicken meat are in high demand in Nigeria and abroad and many that find it worthwhile are making millions from poultry farm day in day out.

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