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The hidden Riches in catfish business

In my last article,5 best business to start to get I said I will dig deep into catfish business and enlighten you on all the necessary information on how to raise them to get excessively rich. First and foremost catfish raring is mainly practiced in the Africa due to the warm climate which the desire to grow.

For you to become a catfish rearer,y you must have a land space nothing less than 2 plots to start as a business,then a minimum of #100,000 can be used to get started,depending on the quantity of fingerlings or juveniles you want to raise. As you scroll through I will educate you more on how to raise #100,000(1000 fingerlings) and be on the list of gaining #250,000 extra after 3 and half months for smoking size catfish. therefore you have to know this basic steps.

1. Buying or hatching your fingerlings/juveniles: for you to buy a thousand fingerlings for a start you have to at least be with #15,000(at #15 per fingerlings).you can get it at any catfish hatchery shop or through a store for catfish feed across my next article I will dig deep on how to start your own catfish hatchery and make it a business all you have to do is to follow my page and I will get you notified when it is out.

2.feeding your fish:on your fingerlings are brought or hatched and placed into your pond(earth/concrete/trampoline),the next and most vital step is to feed them .almost 90% of your budget for the business will go into feeding your fish. at fingerlings stage your fish is to eat 1.0mm of fish feed meal size available in all catfish feed store in Nigeria, after 2 weeks the are to eat 1.5mm ,after a month the are to eat 2.0mm,after 2 weeks the are to eat 3.0mm,when they are 3month old they are to eat 4.0mm,after 2weeks they are to eat 6.0mm of fish feed for you fish to be ready for sale. you can use either foreign or local feed,but foreign feed are more expensive i advice that you use local feed (blue crown or top catfish feed ) to train your fish

Constant regulations of your fish water pH is needed, at least you are to change their water once in every week.

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