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The Spiritual Insights on how to Get Divine Financial Boost

This is the spiritual in sights on how to get divine financial boost.

A financial activity to be successful and boosted, it must be free from usury, cheating, fraud, and deception. So whoever embarks on any business activity must have the fear of Allah, knowledge of Islamic Law of transaction and to be sincere in all his dealings.

1-   Free from usury:

For a business to be successful it must be free from usury. Usury destroys any business. It destroys the giver and taker. Allah describes the condition of whoever engages in it, he will be like one who is possessed by Satan (Jinn). In another verse Allah says, “And Allah has permitted trade and forbidden usury”. Allah destroys the business of anyone who engages in it, i.e. It will not be blessed and boosted by Allah. He has forbidden usury because it only causes harm and damage to Muslims. The following points are based on the wisdom of forbidden usury in Islam:

-        Keeping Muslim money from being wasted

-        Urging Muslims to invest their money in lawful means of earning wealth which is free from cheating, deception fraud etc.

-        Avoiding anything that might lead a Muslim to quarrel or hate his Muslim brother

-        Preventing Muslim from all what could destroy his life and wealth

-        Opening great doors to Muslim in order to prepare for his eternal life.

2-   Free from cheating and fraud:

A business to be successful it must be free from any kind of fraud, cheating and deception. Some sellers sometimes do cheat customers by either giving them less than what they deserve of goods or items or by giving them fake products. Allah (SWT) says concerning those cause lose or give less than due: “Woe to those who give less than due, when they take from people they take in full, but when they give by measure or by weight they cause lose”.

The example of fraud which may lead to the destruction of one’s business is producing less quality product, fake goods, counterfeit item etc. This causes degeneration of business. But what boosts the business is avoiding whatever is related to the above mentioned problems.

3-   Sincerity and Fear of Allah:

For any business to be successful and boosted one, the owner must be sincere and God fearing person. He should fear Allah in all his dealings with customers. He should bear in mind that Allah sees, knows and hears whatever he says or does. He should render back to the owner anything entrusted to him. He should not consider it as part of his property. Really, these are some of the steps to be taken for having a successful business.

4-    Knowledge of Islamic Law of Transaction:

First of all, before a person ventures into any business, he should try to have the know-how of the business. Because, without having the knowledge of business, one cannot escape committing a lot of mistakes, which might lead to the decline in that business. Islam has made it compulsory upon anyone who wants to embark on any business to acquire the Knowledge of the law of transaction. During the caliphate of Umar bn Khattab, he used to go to market and send out anyone without having the knowledge of the law of transaction.

We should follow the rules and regulations of the law of transaction in all our dealings in order to have every successful and profitable business. 

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