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Fast ways to make money online

The following way will help you earn money online while sitting in the comfort of your home, many people have been asking me lately how to make money online well making money online may not be as hard as rocket science, the problem is that many are afraid of being scammed.

Moreover if you carry in mind that working online may make you rich, I won't assure you that cause most online platforms are not a get rich quick scheme. You are only been paid for what you work.

First before you start thinking of making some cool cash online as a part time hustle hope you have the listed items below.

1: smartphone /system

2: Wi-Fi or fast data connection.

3: commitment

Now you may wondering why i inlisted commitment, as we all know if you are not committed to an act there is no way you can guarantee you will make it big there, caus commitment is a vital part of online hustel exactly I know it is stressful but you have to pay the sacrifice if you want to see racks entering your pocket. Now this are some fast ways by which you can make money online

Online survey:

Online survey platform like swag buck will pay for every survey done on the platform, survey could be a 30 minutes survy or more it depends. What is survey? Survey is carrying out a particular online task for a company. Survey, this means you are paid for all task done for a particular fee. On some survy platform like swag buck you been paid outright sum of 5 dollars for signing up with the platform. So at least five dollars as a start fee is awesome. Online survey platform include


2: fivver

3: survey spotter


Undoubtedly you is one of the biggest video streaming platform, to make money from YouTube all you need is just to create an account with them and this account implies to your Google email.

Before you account will be monetized by the YouTube team you must have completed the YouTube bench mark, what do I mean by youtube bench mark, I mean you must hv reach 2000 subscribers and about some views on your video, if you accomplish this task straight ahead seek for monetization and your account will be monetized. There you go you are good to start earning money.

Opera hub:

Opera news is also a platform to earn online, though you earning here may be little, cause the platform have a way of calculating earning which means you have to be on daily grinding to make it up to 5k here

What I mean is you are being paid 10 naira for every 100 views so 1000 views you is likely 100 naira, it may be discouraging but a drop of water forms an ocean. Apart from it opera hub is great platform for reading news and getting latest information about the society its juSt a fun app.

Online trading:

Maybe you may have heard of forex trading or other treading platform like octafx.

Online trading is a major way of earning, it has become popular recently on some of this online trading platform you don't only trade you also invest and receive interest at the end of every trade. Online trading is the big deal you may end up getting at least 60k monthly depending on how you invest. Legitimate online trading platform include

Forex trading.

Expert option

Ion trade

Olympe trade

You can find them on play store.

Ad sense:

Google ad sense allow you to earn real money through items advertised on your website. This is can be very useful for anyone running a blog . Through ad sense you can earn huge

Google pay you some percentage on every advert on your blog even youtube also make use of ad sense. Hope with this you can now sit in the comfort of your home and earn.

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