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The Massive Cost of Quiting

I am going to be straight with you all . Please understand what you have at stake before calling it quit. Wait, think and ruminate over the danger of giving up on your dreams, or that project. I may not be privy to the events leading to your gut-wrenching decisions to quit on that initiatives or ambition but, if I may bring you open, I would ask that you think about it again. The cost of quiting far outweighs the benefits of exit.

Whether you admit or decline your life has many dépendants beyond your family tree. Their breakthrough depends primarily, or secondarily on your breakthrough. You fail, they fail. You give up, they are toast! It feels more like a natural assignment hung on your neck right from the time of creation. It validates the fact that we all have a role to play in another life. A teacher to distribute knowledge; a Doctor to separate conjoined twin; a leader to motivate others; and a founder to employ others. No wonder it has been said we are all interconnected in this great circle of life.

This concept gained relevance in my view over a decade ago as I was studying about innovate-to-market. The book reminds about the execution of a dream: There, it says « if your dream does not scare you or wakes you up at night, it is not yet a big dream. As I studied further I began to connect the dots between the implementation of a dream and the far reaching impact on those dépendants I was yet to know, but came to realize after the dream had gained traction and come to fruition. My employees, my vendors, my students, my clients, my customers, my mentees and many others I never realized their lives somewhat depended on my decision not to quit.

That’s it! Now think about that for a second! If you’d quit then, what would have become those lives you are touching, and what would become of those other lives if you call it off on your next greatness? Right now, there are some students in the higher institution whose employment opportunities depend on the idea or invention, business or enterprise you are just about to actualise. Have you wondered what would happen if you give up now?

If Mark had given up on innovating the Facebook; if Jeff had given up on Amazon; if the Opay, Jumia, Dangote, had given up. How about if those founders of institutions had relented. I encourage you to weigh your decisions carefully before you give up.

Note: The caveat to my admonition however exclude the initiatives which have constituted a liability, and resource-sucking yet without any viable means for future prosperity.

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