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(Strange News) See the Australian Coffee Shop where Toilet Paper is being Paid as Money

As the scare of the coronavirus pandemic continues to rise across the world, many people are locked in various unimaginable activities all in the panic of wanting to be safe.

The spread of fake, unverified information across the social media is one major thing contributing to this unwarranted fear.

Once some people come across a particular info on WhatsApp or any other platform, they take everything hook, line and sinker, without trying to consider the credibility of such messages.

It is in relation to this that some places in the world like Australia, California and the likes of them have got held in the panic-purchase of toilet rolls.

According to reports by CNN, Newyorker, FoxNews, many stores in the US and Australia are fast growing empty of toilet papers as there is a frenzied rate of buying from people, and as these commodities are even being hoarded.

It is due to this that a particular shop owner by the name Jacques, in Australia, has decided to sell his goods not in exchange for money, but for the now highly scarce toilet papers.

As gathered by ABC, the young man explained that: "It was a pretty crappy situation when the staff informed me they'd contacted three or four of our local suppliers and they're all sold out of toilet paper as well," he said. "This is wholesale suppliers too, not just supermarkets."

"I know toilet paper's out there, people are hoarding it, and I thought we could see if we could get a little bit off them... see who will bring some of the precious toilet paper," he also said.

Mr Jaques seized the social media to offer his coffee for 3 rolls of toilet paper, or a one-kilogram bag of beans for a pack of 36 rolls. He also offered to give out a bag of coffee worth $42 in return for 36 packs of toilet paper which normally is only worth around $16.

In fact, there are some other shops in Australia aslo wiling to exchange their products for toilet papers. See an image below:


It seems this coronavirus is getting out of hand as different unexpected and funny things are happening.

What do you think about this?

Content created and supplied by: Writer_yua (via Opera News )

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