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Don't waste money on Gas again: How to turn our waste to gas without cost

Good day guys, We are going to be looking at how to turn our waste into gas by ourselves from waste without cost. Of course if we can, we don't need any natural gas distribution agencies, or need to spend money on buying cooking gas.

Waste are substance that we don't need anymore and an amazing fact is that it can still be useful. In generating electricity or powering our gas stove. But we are going to be looking at the aspect of human waste.

How it works:

All the procedures is just to turn human waste into gas by anerobic degradation of human waste. For the purpose of collecting methane

During the degradation a specific gas is being released which is called methane or bio-fuel. Methane is odourless gas that can be used to replace natural gas used in stoves for cooking. Methane can also be converted to electricity if used to fuel power plants or fuel cells.


Store a lot of human waste in an air tight container for 2-3 months. When i say air tight i mean where won't be able to get to. So it can decomposed anerobically (absence of air).

After degradation tap the gas through a pipe to your gas stove wait for it to circulate then ignite it, and watch it works.

Those steps are very simple but if u didn't understand any use the comments box.

Thanks for your time and for reading.


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